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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/8977/artist/869/artwork/bein-silly-9946">Be'in Silly</a>" by Karin Snoots | United States

Be'in Silly

Wallhanging by Karin Snoots
36.00" H x 12.00" W
Year Completed:
Mother Giraffe & 2 babies
Original for Sale:
When life becomes chaotic the spirit of the giraffe reminds us to keep our heads up and avoid getting entangled in needless confrontations. They teach us that we need to pay close attention to relationships and how fragile they are and how our role affects each other. The giraffe represents distinctiveness and individuality. They are proud of their appearance and know that they are truly unique in the world. Shouldn’t we embrace the giraffe spirit and become proud of our individual beauty? Tragically the number of giraffes in the wild is shrinking as their habitats shrink. The need for a concerted conservation effort has never been more urgent. Habitat loss and climate change are threats to their survival. As our human population grows and agricultural development expands the acacia tree, their main source of food, is on a rapid decline. Our world is changing faster than anyone predicted. Already, freshwater supplies are shrinking, agricultural yields are dropping, our forests are burning, and rising oceans are more acidic—all, in part, due to a warming climate. We can heighten awareness to preserve and protect our environment and the creatures that dwell among us through our artistic efforts.
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Be&#039;in Silly | Wallhanging by Karin Snoots | Artists for Conservation 2019

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