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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/8977/artist/7303/artwork/zebra-soldiers-water-break-9652">Zebra Soldiers' Water Break</a>" by Doug Hiser | United States

Zebra Soldiers' Water Break

Wallhanging by Doug Hiser
12.00" H x 18.00" W
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Artist will donate 25% to Houston Zoo from sale of this work.
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Price: $3,000 USD
The Plains Zebra is listed as near threatened but they are close to qualifying for vulnerable. Especially in the northern half of their range, over-hunting poses a serious danger to zebra populations. They are hunted for their meat and their distinctive skins. The Houston Zoo helps in a number of ways: a K9 unit was added to anti-poaching teams (two dogs and two handlers have been trained to pull traps harmful to zebras and other animals); they added six new anti-poaching scouts, including the first three female scouts, and increased patrol efforts by 45%.



Zebra Soldiers&#039; Water Break | Wallhanging by Doug Hiser | Artists for Conservation 2019

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