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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/8977/artist/6653/artwork/waking-9806">Waking Up</a>" by Hoang Dao | Vietnam

Waking Up

Wallhanging by Hoang Dao
60.00cm H x 60.00cm W
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I had the chance to touch one of these strange creatures for the first time when I worked for the Wildlife-At-Risk’s Rescue Center, an NGO dedicated to confiscating, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife of Vietnam that have been illegally hunted. We had to wake this nocturnal animal up in the late afternoon light to move it from one enclosure to another for cleaning. The scales are tougher then I thought and when the animal moves they can catch your fingers in between, but the design patterns are fascinating. You can easily loose track while tracing them row by row and get messy in the drawing. The colors also are richer when you look closer, with basic brown ochre-yellow but also light reflection that yields hues of blue and mossy green. This view is rather iconic, as the animal tends to roll into a ball for defense. Few people know of this animal, and if they do, some mistake it for a reptile. Sadly, the pangolin is now over hunted as its scales are believed to be medicinal. With this artwork, I hope to bring their existence and beauty into the light and send conservation messages to younger generations.



Waking Up | Wallhanging by van Hoang Dao | Artists for Conservation 2019

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