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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/8977/artist/1417/artwork/your-highness-9929">Your Highness</a>" by Bruce Lawes | Canada

Your Highness

Wallhanging by Bruce Lawes
16.00" H x 20.00" W
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African Lioness
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Price: $6,900 USD
In my painting, ‘Your Highness’, an African adult lioness sits atop her throne, a yellow bark acacia, also known as a fever tree. As many people may think that the African lion doesn’t climb trees it is now known that tree climbing lions are not as rare and unusual as was initially thought. It used to be Lake Manyara National Park that was famous for its tree climbing lions. Young lions see older lions climb trees and copy the behaviour so the habit remains in that pride. And like any skill, the more that they do it, the more adept and confident they become. My painting depicts one of the tree climbing lions of the Serengeti.



Your Highness | Wallhanging by Bruce Lawes | Artists for Conservation 2019

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