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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/8977/artist/1388/artwork/where-desert-meets-sea-9958">Where the Desert Meets the Sea</a>" by Rachel Ivanyi | United States

Where the Desert Meets the Sea

Wallhanging by Rachel Ivanyi
21.00" H x 40.50" W
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Desert Iguana, Guinea Fowl Pufferfish, and California Seahorse, Highlighting the importance of protecting our coastlines.
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Artist will donate 15% to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and 25% to AFC from sale of this work.
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While working in Cabo Pulmo, BCS Mexico, the similarity in patterns of these three amazing species struck me and led me to use them as a metaphor to show the connection of the dunes of the desert with the Sonoran sea. In this piece, I highlight the connection between land and sea and underscore how we can’t protect one without the other. While snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo I spent a lot of time watching pufferfish swim among the rocks and coral. I had a soft spot for puffers, due to having bonded with the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s Guinea fowl pufferfish (Biff), who resides in the Cabo Pulmo tank. I was so thrilled to find so many of his cousins in the Baja sea. It was only fitting that this fish be showcased in my art and used as a metaphor for connection and change. The desert iguana has always been my favorite lizard, and this particular one that we saw in the dunes was a wonderful model, and its striking black and white pattern (different than others I’ve seen) instantly made me think of pufferfish, so my concept of connecting the desert with the sea was developed.



Where the Desert Meets the Sea | Wallhanging by Rachel Ivanyi | Artists for Conservation 2019

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