Exhibiting Artists

Canada Geese | Wallhanging by Susan Gosevitz | Artists for Conservation 2018

Susan Gosevitz CA

I see art as a collaboration with nature. Together we create the real and sublime in one, providing a return from hectic and stress, from consumption and chaos, to meditative simplicity. I paint scenes of natural moments to wake up, to calm and to bring a sense of peace. My paintings reflect a deep respect for nature and the wildlife that depend on its' integrity.

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Powerless | Wallhanging by Fiona Goulding | Artists for Conservation 2018

Fiona Goulding NZ

"My two great passions in life are painting and animal welfare. I believe that all animal species should thrive in their natural habitat and be free to live independently.  Painting allows me to strengthen the connection I feel with nature, particularly birds and animals, and provides a channel to highlight threats they face".

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In Fashion | Wallhanging by Peter Gray | Artists for Conservation 2018

Peter Gray ZA

Peter Gray is a multi-award winning artist. He was born in Zimbabwe in 1950 and sold his first artwork when he was 12 years old. Living near the Hwange National Park and a stone’s throw from the Matobo Hills National Park, Peter grew up with a passion for these wilderness areas that became the nurturing ground for his career as an artist.

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Rookery | Wallhanging by Patricia Griffin | Artists for Conservation 2018

Patricia Griffin US

I am in constant awe of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds me. I am drawn to raw areas that have been preserved from excessive development.  I am at peace in the untamed wilderness.  I am inspired by the life force that connects all things. I travel consistently to fuel my desire to create. My subjects present themselves to me and I am captivated by their essence and compelled to share the intimate experience. My work is the result of 28 years of commitment to observation of my...

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A Lion Sleeps Tonight | Wallhanging by Gemma Gylling | Artists for Conservation 2018

Gemma Gylling US

From the time I was a little girl I always wanted to create art. My art is inspired by my love and passion of wildlife and animals. The Animals speak to me in a very special way and because of that I try to help them speak to you through my art. I strive to portray the velvet touch of their fur, the sound of their roar or the plight they are living to simply exist. My animal art is created by applying several layers of colored pencil on suede mat board or a sanded surface. Each creation can...

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Another Threat | Wallhanging by Setsuo Hamanaka | Artists for Conservation 2018

Setsuo Hamanaka JP

My main concern is saltwater game fishes but I also love other species and their habitat in both freshwater and saltwater. I’m interested in the relation from mountain forests to the ocean, the relation between human activities and the nature.

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Southern Railway | Wallhanging by Neil Hamelin | Artists for Conservation 2018

Neil Hamelin CA

Neil Hamelin captures stories of our heritage through the weathered wood and flaking paint that stand vestige to our past. His paintings stir forgotten memories, rekindled on canvas through the rusty metal of vehicles and abandoned homesteads of our ancestors. Hamelin's artwork received National recognition with a series of gold coins released through the Royal Canadian Mint. Hamelin was awarded Best Of Show at the 2016 Calgary Stampede Western Showcase.

Rainforest | Wallhanging by Oenone Hammersley | Artists for Conservation 2018

Oenone Hammersley US

Colour and light are used to emphasize a vanishing world of wilderness that implores one to take notice, appreciate the rare and raw beauty about us, and allow our imagination to roam about the abstract compositions symbolizing the unsettled and unsettling world in which man alters nature.

Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
iRaven | Wallhanging by Julia Hargreaves | Artists for Conservation 2018

Julia Hargreaves CA

Today, I walk into an art store and feel the same thrill I felt receiving my first box of paints at the age of seven. I am passionate about wildlife and feel honoured to spend my days replicating what I see and feel each time I take to the trails or simply sit on my deck watching the quails waddle by.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Neck n' Neck II | Wallhanging by Guy Harvey | Artists for Conservation 2018
Sissor-tails | Wallhanging by Guy Harvey | Artists for Conservation 2018

Guy Harvey KY

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Gavião-real em Voo | Wallhanging by Kitty Harvill | Artists for Conservation 2018

Kitty Harvill US

I feel humans have a stewardship to protect this beautiful planet that gives us so very much – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Tufted Puffins: Arrivals Lounge, Coronation Island, Alaska | Wallhanging by Mark Hobson | Artists for Conservation 2018

Mark Hobson CA

From gray whales to tidepools, Mark Hobson is passionate about the wildlife and wilderness of Canada's westcoast. Intimately familiar with his subjects, his paintings are an exciting blend of biological accuracy with a deep sensitivity for the places he depicts

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The Incredible Journey | Wallhanging by Gary Hodges | Artists for Conservation 2018

Gary Hodges GB

Welcome to my art. I hope you enjoy looking at my drawings and celebrating nature as I do. I can't imagine drawing animals without giving something back and I'm proud that since 1987 my art has contributed well over $1,000,000 to wildlife conservation and animal welfare charities. In April 2016 I held my major charity exhibition Heart & Soul in central London. I am thrilled to have raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for my two favourite charities through the sales of my drawings...

A Wary Old Bird | Wallhanging by Mary Louise Holt | Artists for Conservation 2018

Mary Holt US

    Portraiture and Painting the human figure have always been of great interest to me as an artist. But my other passion is for natural history. I am particularly interested in the relationship between humans and nature in a historical context. My work often combines figurative, landscape and wild, native creatures within a single painting. Each tells a compelling story about humanity's relationship with nature through the centuries. My work is carefully researched and based on historical fact...

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Sanctuary | Wallhanging by James Hough | Artists for Conservation 2018
Times Like This | Wallhanging by James Hough | Artists for Conservation 2018

James Hough AU

 “There is nothing more rewarding than to finish a work and to be able say that it captures that moment in time that was unique in the natural world and that onlookers will observe for the feeling or emotion of the work as well as its correctness. Finding a passion in your life as I have done with wildlife art and pursuing it creates a great deal of confidence in one’s ability and a great sense of fulfillment. I have a great desire to contribute to the long-term preservation of our unique...

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On the Edge | Wallhanging by Debbie Hughbanks | Artists for Conservation 2018

Debbie Hughbanks US

I feel that animals are an extremely important part of our existence and should be treasured and celebrated by us as human beings. That is what I attempt to do through my art. I think a quote by Albert Einstein put it best . . ."Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Misty Mooring  | Wallhanging by Barry Ingham | Artists for Conservation 2018

Barry Ingham AU

We are worlds apart, though the world as artists are joined togeather through groups like  Artists for Conservation.    I will add info into the News and blog as the year folds out for me .  

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Rejoice! | Wallhanging by Rachel Ivanyi | Artists for Conservation 2018
Scarlett and Rhett, An Ode to Urban Birds | Wallhanging by Rachel Ivanyi | Artists for Conservation 2018

Rachel Ivanyi US

Historical natural history art has always been my inspiration, because I find joy in the natural world and revel in minute differences that separate one creature from the next.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

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