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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/4589/artist/835/artwork/northern-cross-6020">Northern Cross</a>" by Michael Dumas | Canada

Northern Cross

Wallhanging by Michael Dumas
10.50" H x 7.50" W
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Gyr-saker falcon hybrid
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Bird of prey hybrids are most often the result of cross-breeding programs by falconers with the intent of joining certain features deemed desirable for their sport. The bird portrayed in Northern Cross is an example of this type of hybridization. However, a 2004 paper co-authored by Valeri Moseikin and David H. Ellis (raptors-international .org) investigate the interesting possibility of similar hybrids being produced in the wild. ‘There is one habitat type shared by both Sakers and Altai Gyrfalcons. In the south-eastern portion of the Russian Altai, there are areas of extensive cold steppe above 2000m. Here it is possible to find mixed pairs of Altai Gyrfalcons and Sakers. Here it is also normal to find birds with attributes of both morphs (i.e. presumably natural hybrids). ‘



Northern Cross | Wallhanging by Michael Dumas | Artists for Conservation 2018

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