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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/4589/artist/1451/artwork/great-green-macaw-6087">Great Green Macaw</a>" by Kim Middleton | United States

Great Green Macaw

Wallhanging by Kim Middleton
24.00" H x 8.00" W
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Great Green Macaw
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Artist will donate 25% to The Peregrine Fund and 25% to AFC from sale of this work.
I have been fortunate to see the endangered Great Green Macaw several times in the wild in Costa Rica. This long-tailed parrot is hard to miss as it flies above the canopy of the lowland rainforest squawking raucously. Always seen in pairs, they search for their favorite foods. Unfortunately, most of their forests and food supply have been leveled. The Great Green Macaw population is highly fragmented into small, isolated populations. Banana plantations, cattle ranching and logging have destroyed up to 90% of the macaw’s native lowland forest habitat throughout its range from Honduras to northwest Columbia and western Ecuador. Great green macaws are also collected for the pet trade or killed for food. The once impenetrable, biodiverse rainforests of Central America with their eye-popping beauty and cacophony of sounds are mostly a thing of the past along with the plants and animals that make up this wondrous ecosystem. I wanted to capture the beauty and innocence of this bird in my painting with the hope that we can find and implement solutions to save the Great Green Macaw and the forests it calls home.
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Great Green Macaw | Wallhanging by Kim Middleton | Artists for Conservation 2018

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