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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/4589/artist/1351/artwork/fashion-6043">In Fashion</a>" by Peter Gray | South Africa

In Fashion

Wallhanging by Peter Gray
110.00cm H x 200.00cm W
Year Completed:
Greater Flamingo
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N/A (artwork not for sale)
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In terms of conservation status, the Greater Flamingo is not considered endangered. It is rather identified as a species of ‘least concern’, one being widespread and abundant. However in recent years, threats to their breeding grounds have increased. Examples of this are, urban development and scarcer bodies of water, which commonly are at risk of pollution. This impacts the survival rate of many chicks. Like other species of flamingo, the Greater Flamingo is a social bird. This particular group depicted here, alighted only a short distance from where I live. Apart from the pink colour casting abstract reflections upon the water's surface, my attraction to them is always the same. This is the soft natural and graceful shapes that are created as the flamboyance act together. The ritual displays they collectively perform, appear choreographed and synchronised. This is somewhat reminiscent of a runway of a prominent fashion week. It is no wonder artists, birders, enthusiasts, and the like are inspired to also 'flock' to these shores. As the flamingos grace their 'stage' within the lagoon, fleetingly, these people hope to catch at least a glimpse of the spectacle. Soon these beautiful birds will leave and take flight to their next destination. The show lasts just but a little while, with no repeat performance, until the following season.



In Fashion | Wallhanging by Peter Gray | Artists for Conservation 2018

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