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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/4589/artist/1280/artwork/spring-5584">Spring</a>" by Varda Breger | Israel


Wallhanging by Varda Breger
40.00cm H x 28.00cm W
Mixed media
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Artist will donate 25% to Artists for Conservation (AFC) from sale of this work.
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I have an enchanting optimistic story from the north of Israel. Some 60 years ago, there was a very little lake, Hula Lake, whose marshes spread malaria. Being very short of land, the young government drained it in order to use for agriculture. Millions of birds lost their resting place, and many plants, and rare species in marshes became extinct. It was a disaster for many reasons but above all, it endangered the drinking water reservoir of Israel- Lake of Galilee. After 40 years, the solution was to revive part of the hula as a recreational wetlands national park area. Then a revival miracle occurred. Millions of cranes, pelicans, and very small birds (up to 300 species) now migrate between Africa and Europe, resting and feeding for the rest of the tough long journey. The conflict with the owners of the fields is solved by spreading maize on only one field. You can now get very close to the birds and witness the evening and early morning taking off - an unforgettable and breath-taking sight. You are invited! If only," if only, I had wings of a bird I might from a green treetop See Peace"



Spring | Wallhanging by Varda Breger | Artists for Conservation 2018

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