Exhibiting Artists

In Your Face | Wallhanging by Pete Marshall | Artists for Conservation 2023

Pete Marshall AU

Pete has combined her veterinary knowledge with her passion for art to search the world for images to bring the fragile beauty of the endangered wildlife to the public view, and try to raise awareness of the both the subject and its environment.

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Nightwatch | Wallhanging by Gabrielle Matlock | Artists for Conservation 2023

Gabrielle Matlock US

“My love and passion for my subjects is the cornerstone of all of my artistic endeavors. The beauty of nature calls me, the animals in it inspire and excite me. My passion for wildlife and my unique skill as an artist helps me bring out the soul and essence of my subjects. Whether I’m using colored pencil on wood or oil paint on panel, the hallmarks of my work are explicit detail and unparalleled realism. It’s through these skills that I hope to inform, educate and foster compassion about...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
They Tread Softly and Silently | Wallhanging by Chris McClelland | Artists for Conservation 2023

Chris McClelland AU

Chris is internationally recognised for his fine detailed graphite and coloured pencil drawings, which reflects his natural unique gift. He has a strong passion for the wildlife of Africa and Australia.  His artwork captures movement of the wildlife with extraordinary precision that his animals appear alive. Chris McClelland managed Tupra Station a large sheep station for 21 years. After working on "the land" for 40 years he retired in 2003. He has now time to create, fine, unique pencil...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Abundant Alaska | Wallhanging by Sarah Dier-McComb | Artists for Conservation 2023

Sarah McComb-Turbitt CA

Artwork capturing the unique behaviours of animals and the sentimental moments in their lives.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Drill Sargeant | Wallhanging by Michelle McCune | Artists for Conservation 2023

Michelle McCune US

I feel blessed to be able to use paint to share magical moments of time I have experienced. I strive for my images to inspire the viewer to become part of conservation movements saving these wonderful animals and the beautiful world in which we all coexist. I chose the studio name of Vanishing Visions to showcase the moments of time captured in each image that were gone in the next instant and to remind everyone that if we do not make a change in our development of land and utilization of...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Sunrise Near the Johnson Ranch, Aransas County | Wallhanging by Jeffrey McDaniel | Artists for Conservation 2023

Jeffrey McDaniel US

I believe art enriches and improves our lives.   My art is inspired by the natural beauty of the South Texas Coast and Texas Hill Country, especially around the Laguna Madre and the Frio River. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Pacific Heron - Under the Docks | Wallhanging by Candy McManiman | Artists for Conservation 2023

Candy McManiman CA

Often when I am traveling and birding, you do not have time for sketching but my camera is always with me. This shot captures a jaguar just before the sun set. She was stalking the Cuiaba River near Porto Jofre at the end of Transpantaneira Highway, Brazil. In recent years it has become a place where you might expect to see a Jaguar. Travelling down the Highway which is a dirt road with over 75 rickety bridges is part of the adventure to get to the river. The Pantanal is a marvelouse place also...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
The Dance | Wallhanging by Vickie McMillan | Artists for Conservation 2023

Vickie McMillan-Hayes US

As a wildlife conservation artist, McMillan is driven to paint accurate wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna for people to gain a better understand of their responsibility to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

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Newfoundland Surfing | Wallhanging by Kelly McNeil | Artists for Conservation 2023

Kelly McNeil CA

Kelly Grace McNeil 102 Boullee Street London, Ontario, Canada N5Y 1T7   www.kellymcneil.ca mcneilwildlife@gmail.com mcneilportraits@outlook.com ARTIST STATEMENT My paintings are derived from many photographs while traipsing through wild life refuge, places like Algonquin Park, The Cove here in London, Ontario , Point Pelee National Park and my own back yard. I may take many shots of a subject then I compose and construct a painting. My painting are mainly oil on canvas and more and more I am...

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Howdy, Bird | Sculpture by ken meyer | Artists for Conservation 2023

Ken Meyer CA

My artwork revolves around the animal form. I find its intricate details and functional structure to be the perfect representation of balanced design. Through my work, I aim to bring attention to endangered species and give a voice to these creatures that are being left behind.

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Innocent | Wallhanging by Kim Middleton | Artists for Conservation 2023

Kim Middleton US

  Kim’s goals behind her art are to spark interest in birds and to educate people about their unique attributes.  She wishes to share her passion and enthusiasm for birds, in the hopes of increasing bird appreciation and conservation. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Nestled In | Wallhanging by Dianne Munkittrick | Artists for Conservation 2023

Dianne Munkittrick US

The beauty of nature shines through all Dianne's art. Her use of light and color set the mood of her work. She strives to paint beyond the ordinary interpretation of nature and tries to instill the awe and wonder that nature inspires into each piece.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
The Watcher | Wallhanging by Moa Naalisvaara Engman | Artists for Conservation 2023

Moa Naalisvaara Engman SE

My art is inspired by the beautiful Nordic wildlife.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
On the Red Carpet | Wallhanging by Ken Nash | Artists for Conservation 2023

Ken Nash CA

I create wilderness art that invites you to experience the same thoughts and feelings that prompt me to paint. I would like you to wonder what's around the bend in a path or over the next hill. I paint using acrylics on canvas and wood to capture the photorealistic truth of what I see.

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Octopus's Garden | Wallhanging by Terri Neal | Artists for Conservation 2023

Terri Neal US

My inspiration comes from our natural world. I love to draw my subjects realistically, exploring each animal anatomically and trying to capture their essence with layers of color and value. This process feels meditative as I immerse myself in each subject and try to find their personality and individuality. I am fascinated by my subject’s behavior and their adaptations to their environment. I use my drawings to share the beauty of our natural world to promote conservation. My current project is...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Pompadour | Wallhanging by Susan Neilson | Artists for Conservation 2023

Susan Neilson CA

Through art, I celebrate subtle balance of order and disorder in nature.  My work is inspired by the resilience of wild survivors and by intricate connections in ecosystems. Art is my way to share hope for the future, where change begins with caring.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Paper Perch Nuthatch | Wallhanging by Calvin Nicholls | Artists for Conservation 2023

Calvin Nicholls CA

The illusion of depth, texture and form is created by the interaction of light and shadow on my low relief paper sculptures. A variety of blades and metal tools allow me to cut, emboss and transform the world's finest papers into the feathers and fur of my favourite wildlife species. The delicate characteristics of paper communicate the vulnerability that so many of those very species endure in our changing world. I work from my home/studio north of Toronto in Lindsay, Ontario Canada

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Transitions | Wallhanging by Spencer Nickel | Artists for Conservation 2023

Spencer Nickel US

Embracing the state of nature- that is my goal as an artist and the goal of ColoradoSketchbook.com. Exploring, expressing and sharing the beauty of the state's  earth , flora and fauna through photography, painting and sculpting has been a passion of mine for over fifty years. My deep love and reverence for the wonders of this magic place have led to an appreciation for the natural patterns that flow through the seasons. I enjoy depicting these in sketches, illustrations, stone sculptures,...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

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