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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/24310/artist/1046/artwork/pacific-heron-under-docks-25301">Pacific Heron - Under the Docks</a>" by Candy McManiman | Canada

Pacific Heron - Under the Docks

Wallhanging by Candy McManiman
46.00cm H x 62.00cm W
Year Completed:
Pacific Great Blue Heron hunting early morning under the Comox docks
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Original Available
Artist will donate 15% to International Conservation Fund of Canada and 25% to AFC from sale of this work.
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We think of Great Blue Herons as not being on the vulnerable list, but the Pacific Great Blue is. Industrial and human development are the biggest threats. The quiet wooded areas they need to nest, are decreasing. A disturbance may cause them to leave their nest; leaving their vulnerable chicks open to being preyed upon by Bald eagles. Watching one for hours as it feeds under the docks, is a pleasure we should all be able to enjoy.



Pacific Heron - Under the Docks | Wallhanging by Candy McManiman | Artists for Conservation 2023

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