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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/21298/artist/27190/artwork/australian-coastal-wildflowers-22270">Australian Coastal Wildflowers</a>" by Louise Saunders | Australia

Australian Coastal Wildflowers

Wallhanging by Louise Saunders
56.00cm H x 68.00cm W
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Flannel flowers, Christmas bells and native iris
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Original Available
Artist will donate 25% to Australian Conservation Foundation from sale of this work.
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$5,500 USD
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This painting of Australian wildflowers illustrates my desire to create a sense of relationship within my work, depicting how they would grow in nature. Overlapping and entwined, each one working to enhance the entire composition. I love to engage the onlooker, to communicate the importance and beauty of each species, leading them around the work. Viewing each flower, having been painted on its own merits. My use of shadow plants in the background gives another layer of dimension adding depth to the composition. Finding the wildflowers in their natural habitat and wild places, for me, is the best part of the beginning of any painting.



Australian Coastal Wildflowers | Wallhanging by Louise Saunders | Artists for Conservation 2022

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