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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/21298/artist/1542/artwork/gentle-giant-22295">Gentle Giant</a>" by Judy Studwell | United States

Gentle Giant

Wallhanging by Judy Studwell
14.00" H x 17.00" W
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Artist will donate 25% to Soysambu Conservancy Ltd. from sale of this work.
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Price: $1,500 USD
Giraffes are the world's tallest land mammal – a herd is called a ‘tower.’ Rothschild's Giraffe used to be abundant across Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan but now only small populations exist in Kenya and Uganda, located entirely in protected areas. Endangered is the word best used to describe these magnificent animals today. Habitat loss is due to human population growth. The land is being used for agriculture. Poachers hunt giraffes for meat and hides. Conservation groups, better law enforcement, and education within communities coexisting with these animals, as well as many other species, is providing hope for the future.



Gentle Giant | Wallhanging by Judy Studwell | Artists for Conservation 2022

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