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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/21298/artist/1330/artwork/pandemonium-22485">Pandemonium!</a>" by Cynthie Fisher | United States


Wallhanging by Cynthie Fisher
48.00" H x 60.00" W
Year Completed:
Zebras and Wildebeest
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Artist will donate 25% to African Wildlife Foundation from sale of this work.
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Price: $45,000 USD
This is the most ambitious painting I have ever done. I do love zebras, but this tried even my patience. I have witnessed many crossings of the Mara River in Kenya, and I always wanted to depict the tumult and motion I saw there, so I used many different photos from my own experiences and combined them into this composition. I even tried to add a Crocodile, but I decided a croc would not want to be in the middle of such a horde!



Pandemonium! | Wallhanging by Cynthie Fisher | Artists for Conservation 2022

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