Artwork by Beneficiary


Following is a list benefiting organizations from art sales to-date, along with a list of the specific artworks sold in their support. For a list of all potential beneficiaries of this exhibit, click on a letter link above.

Alaska Wilderness League

King of Kings by Nelda Warkentin

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station

Bear Necessities by Kelly McNeil

Artists for Conservation (AFC)

Thomasina by Christina Dunzinger
The Honey Of Bees by Cindy Billingsley
Basking In The Light by Tammy Taylor
Taking the Plunge by Terry Woodall
Sagebrush Sentinels by Johanna Lerwick
Life Mates Matter by Katherine Weber

Audubon Society

After the Fire by Andrea Rich

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Greenland Hare by Kathy Haycock
Splash of Blue by Emily Lozeron
Sargassum Gold by Ken Nash

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Cat Nap by Joyce Trygg

Endangered Species Fund of Canada

Felidae Conservation Fund

The Arachnid by Géry van der Kelen

National Park Rescue

Hello Who is there? by Rosana Venturini

National Parks Conservation Association (USA)

Frenzy by Wayne Chunat

Nature Conservancy (International)

Covey of Quail by Lucrezia Bieler

Owl Research Institute

Snowy Owl by Joseph Koensgen

Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

A Sudden Encounter I & II by Gemma Gylling

Raptor Education Group

Triumvirate by Betsy Popp

Save Our Seas Foundation

Pacific Passage by Carol Stratman

Whale Trust

Tiger Eyes by Holly Cannon

2022 Artists for Conservation Exhibit Book