Exhibiting Artists

"Beep Beep" | Sculpture by Karryl Salit | Artists for Conservation 2021

Karryl Salit US

My pieces capture a moment in time in order to bring others to a closer awareness and appreciation of the natural world. My greatest joy is taking time to study animals in their natural environment.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
In Memoriam of the Krefeld Zoo Fire | Wallhanging by Sharon Sayegh | Artists for Conservation 2021

Sharon Sayegh US

Populated within the natural environment my paintings are filled with female figures, animals, birds and nature coalescing to emerge and transcend to a spiritual realm through symbolism and allegory. Materials include gold, silver, palladium leaf, carved walnut wood and jewel tone oil colors that pulsate with wonder for the world I have felt since my childhood. Art-making is the wondrous, mysterious, complex, magical process of emergent beauty. 

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Sonoran Shade: Hanging Chain Cholla and Cactus Wren | Wallhanging by Sharon K. Schafer | Artists for Conservation 2021

Sharon K. Schafer US

I am in love with the wildlands of Southern Nevada. Austere, enchanting, secretive … a land of mysteries, a keeper of secrets, a land of great contradictions and contrasts … a land of much beauty and little rain … a place as magic as dream and as mysterious as heartbeat.

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A Polar Experience | Wallhanging by Robert Schlenker | Artists for Conservation 2021

Robert Schlenker US

Thank you for taking the time to browse my site. I hope you find this an informative site that gives you a sense of who I am and what I paint. Painting and conservation efforts supporting my subjects are very important to me. Conveying my thoughts, ideas and what I observe in nature through my artwork gives me great satisfaction 

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Barn's Early Light | Wallhanging by Suzie Seerey-Lester | Artists for Conservation 2021
Living on the Edge - Petroglyphs | Wallhanging by Suzie Seerey-Lester | Artists for Conservation 2021

Suzie Seerey-Lester US

The Seerey-Lesters have been involved in raising funds for conservation for over 30 years. Suzie and husband, John, both devote a large amount of time every year raising funds for their favorite groups. While both John and Suzie are a team, they individually contribute to the AFC mission of supporting nature through art.

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Gotcha | Wallhanging by Cherie Sibley Wasyliw | Artists for Conservation 2021

Cherie Sibley Wasyliw CA

Conservation of Habitat and Wildlife is key to our very survival.   I use my artistic gifts to remind people of the magic that dwells all around us and what we stand to loose without taking measures to protect it.

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Silent | Wallhanging by Geraldine Simmons | Artists for Conservation 2021

Geraldine Simmons AU

When someone views one of my wildlife portraits and connects with their eyes, I invite the viewer to become more curious and take a closer look; to learn more about them to save them. Through each portrait, I aspire to show what is inherent in every animal on earth, what is beautiful and worth saving and to show that these innocent beings are just as sentient as we are.         

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Autumn Snooze | Wallhanging by Cindy Sorley-Keichinger | Artists for Conservation 2021

Cindy Sorley-Keichinger CA

In today's busy world, it helps to stop and smell the roses.  Gives a person a chance to recharge their batteries.  The best medicine for this is a walk in Nature, as found in several studies.  I hope that my work of painting landscapes and Wildlife helps with this; and gets people to notice the world around them.  If people are engaged with the world, they help protect the other inhabitants.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Hi | Wallhanging by Edward Spera | Artists for Conservation 2021

Edward Spera CA

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Days of Spring - Snowy Owl | Wallhanging by Colin Starkevich | Artists for Conservation 2021

Colin Starkevich CA

Through my work I want to show the beauty and diversity of life within nature, especially the natural Grasslands region of Canada in efforts to raise awareness of this region and to contribute to the conservation of this land for future generations. Through my work I hope to inspire others around the world to find their unique abilities in life and their true passions, and to put the two together to also make a positive difference in our natural world in a way that only THEY can do.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Pacific Passage | Wallhanging by Carol Stratman | Artists for Conservation 2021

Carol Stratman CA


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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Homeless | Sculpture by Uta Strelive | Artists for Conservation 2021
Joy | Sculpture by Uta Strelive | Artists for Conservation 2021

Uta Strelive CA

For me art is an endless journey of discovery, exploration, experimentation, learning and pure joy. Nature is a prime source of inspiration for fulfilling my passion for art. At the same time I am very concerned with the changes we are seeing in this world and the alarming disappearance of the many animal species.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Pangolin | Wallhanging by Judy Studwell | Artists for Conservation 2021

Judy Studwell US

Living in the shadow of the Tucson Mountains I am passionate about preserving the Sonoran desert. An African safari in 2013 inspired me to share my amazing experiences photographing the African landscape and wildlife. Experimentation fuels my creativity. I often choose my medium based on the subject of my art. Watercolor, pencil, conventional or unconventional, my hope is to share my love of nature with others, hoping my art will connect them with nature.

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Shallow Water Hunters | Wallhanging by Mark Susinno | Artists for Conservation 2021

Mark Susinno US

I consider myself to be a fanatic fisherman, and one of the aspects of fishing that inspires my artwork is the physical beauty of fish themselves, even those many people consider less attractive. But I also find the underwater environments inhabited by fish every bit as worthy and compelling subjects as any above-water landscape. I am often asked why I choose to paint fish, but to me, the greater wonder is that so few other artists do so.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Red Wolf Sundown | Wallhanging by Linda Sutton | Artists for Conservation 2021

Linda Sutton US

That the word art is right in the middle of eARTh is a stratagem for thought, to instigate Peace.

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Basking In The Light | Wallhanging by Tammy Taylor | Artists for Conservation 2021

Tammy Taylor CA

My art is an extention of myself; always present is a connection to something I know and love. Art is not just my passion but it is an outlet for me to document visually what I am passionate about. It is very important to me that I am accurate in details so that I can create life like images, but also try to capture something in my subjects that is unexpected. Something that personifies the animal in a way that we can relate to, and that will evoke an emotion or memory.

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Black-headed Jay | Wallhanging by Chirag Thumbar | Artists for Conservation 2021

Chirag Thumbar IN

Art is my skill to share the beauty of nature and appeal to conserve it.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Auguries of Innocence I | Wallhanging by Josh Tiessen | Artists for Conservation 2021
Auguries of Innocence II | Wallhanging by Josh Tiessen | Artists for Conservation 2021

Josh Tiessen CA

I am fascinated by the weathering effects of nature and the elements on architectural structures as they age. The interaction between the natural world and manmade structures is of particular interest to me, often giving rise to metaphors which highlight truth, beauty and the longing for ultimate restoration in the world.  

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Trees - Saving Each Other and the Planet | Wallhanging by Dorothy Tinning | Artists for Conservation 2021

Dorothy Tinning CA

My Acrylic on Canvas paintings celebrate the uniqueness of the landscape of British Columbia, Canada.  I place importance on conservation and protection of the forests, grasslands, wetlands, and cultural sites in our area.  As an artist, I play a role in the practice of creating an awareness of the importance of the natural environment.  As more people see nature as the connection point, they recognize how important it is to preserve and restore our natural habitats.  This is reinforced through...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
A Portrait Of A Lionfish | Wallhanging by Kim Toft | Artists for Conservation 2021

Kim Michelle Toft AU

Welcome to the world of silk and the animated creatures I paint. I love painting on silk, as it is the perfect medium to capture the immense beauty of coastal and underwater habitats. I use my silks to illustrate my environmental children's books. I believe our children are our future and the sooner we can switch them onto the importance of conserving our coral reefs and oceans the better.

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Cat Nap | Wallhanging by Joyce Trygg | Artists for Conservation 2021

Joyce Trygg CA

This painting - "Coming Your Way" - captures a northern British Columbia grizzly bear swimming across a river.It is 36" x 36" and done in acrylic on canvas.

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