Exhibiting Artists

Invincible - Siberin Tiger | Wallhanging by Michael Pape | Artists for Conservation 2021

Michael Pape CA

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The Little Things  | Wallhanging by Natalie Parker | Artists for Conservation 2021
Tropical Encounter  | Wallhanging by Natalie Parker | Artists for Conservation 2021

Natalie Parker AU

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Bog Turtle | Wallhanging by Matt Patterson | Artists for Conservation 2021

Matt Patterson US

As far back as I can remember I have always had the same two interests, wildlife and art. I loved the outdoors growing up and in my free time I was either out fishing, searching for turtles and snakes or I was painting. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Guard Frog | Wallhanging by Patricia Pepin | Artists for Conservation 2021

Patricia Pepin CA

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Fancy Colors | Wallhanging by Anne Peyton | Artists for Conservation 2021

Anne Peyton US

Observing birds and their habits is a way to discover more about their nature – the motions a Sandhill Crane makes during preening, the way a Golden Eagle walks along the ground. Each of these actions means something for the bird and it is these behaviors and their meanings that I want to convey to the viewer.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Rapture | Wallhanging by Melinda Plank | Artists for Conservation 2021

Millie Plank US

 "Printmaking takes my meticulous drawings and transforms them, removing non-essential elements to create a visual haiku poem."

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Triumvirate | Wallhanging by Betsy Popp | Artists for Conservation 2021

Betsy Popp US

I like spending as much time as possible out of doors hiking and biking and taking in the scenery. My art is influenced from my time spent watching and studying those things which I encounter when taking on one of my outdoor adventures.

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Castor Canadensis - The Beaver | Wallhanging by Claudia Punter | Artists for Conservation 2021

Claudia Punter CA

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The Moving Chairs | Wallhanging by Ji Qiu | Artists for Conservation 2021

Ji Qiu AU

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Curiosity "Barn Owl" | Wallhanging by Luke Raffin | Artists for Conservation 2021
Hanging Out "Belted Kingfisher" | Wallhanging by Luke Raffin | Artists for Conservation 2021

Luke Raffin CA

I like to capture  the beauty of nature and  share it with everyone  

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After the Fire | Wallhanging by Andrea Rich | Artists for Conservation 2021

Andrea Rich US

Andrea Rich is an internationally known wildlife printmaker living and working in Santa Cruz California. Her images of birds, mammals, and other wildlife are wonderfully detailed and skillfully rendered. Her subjects are depicted in their natural environments, and composed in a manner that expresses the character and personality of the species she chooses to portray. Rich has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Deadly Encounter | Wallhanging by Pat Riggs | Artists for Conservation 2021

Pat Riggs US

I paint what I love, it is that simple.  My greatest love is animals, especially wild ones.  I work with acrylics and oil paint in high detail realism to share the beauty I see.   As I approach a new painting I think of what I want to express in the subject.  Then I start by putting down a raw umber wash working in the lights, darks, and dimensions.  Varnish coats are worked in between the layers of paint during the early stage of the painting.  The finishing touches are done with dry brush...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Indian Rhinoceros | Wallhanging by Laurie Riley | Artists for Conservation 2021

Laurie Riley US

In the wild, animals are elusive, and often seen only briefly. To bring a true appreciation of their personalities to the viewer, I feel that every pose and expression must be real, without added sentimentality or idealism. I strive to give the viewer an awareness that every creature is sentient, to inspire the viewer to support the preservation of wildlife and habitat and the right of every wild-born animal to roam free.  Viewers, many of whom may not have the opportunity to see these animals...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Poised | Wallhanging by William Ritchie | Artists for Conservation 2021

William Ritchie AU

In all my works I aim for a sense of realism and expression that captures the subject matter as it was when I experienced it. I try to replicate the feeling imparted through the experience as it appealed to me, whether that be simplistic or complex. I find Nature has so much to offer and unfortunately, more often than not, these offerings go unacknowledged, taken for granted, or are simply not understood. I feel that through traditional tonal realism painting and realist art, there is...

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Dee, Dee, Dee | Wallhanging by Valerie Rogers | Artists for Conservation 2021

Valerie Rogers CA

Nature is my artistic inspiration and my sanctuary at the end of the day, its protection is of upmost importance to me. 

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Common Beauty  | Wallhanging by Ashley Roll | Artists for Conservation 2021

Ashley Roll CA

When I created the piece “Survivor” something inside of me clicked. I knew I had found what I was supposed to be creating.  That first piece has lead me down a new path in my artistic journey.  Nature inspiring the artist. The artist creating art. The art funding conservation. What a beautiful cycle to be a part of. I am so pleased to be a part of AFC, to use Art to help fuel conservation. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Spirit Brothers | Sculpture by Rosetta | Artists for Conservation 2021

- Rosetta US

My style has been described as hard-edged yet soft, sensitive yet powerful. I think this is possible because of the position I have chosen along the scale between abstraction and realism. The essense and spirit of the aninmal is captured in the forms, but it is the abstraction of those forms which creates the art.

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