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Nuthatch | Wallhanging by Pat Jackman | Artists for Conservation 2021

Pat Jackman US

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Superb Harvest | Wallhanging by Stephen Jesic | Artists for Conservation 2021

Stephen Jesic AU

His extraordinary acrylic painting technique and recent depictions of parrots and macaws has drawn the attention of the Australian fine art materials company Matisse Derivan, the producer of the acrylic paints that Stephen exclusively uses. They now feature his techniques on their bi-monthly internet newsletter and are using his images of exotic macaws in the packaging of their Primary Colour Set of Structure Formula Acrylics and Mediums, soon to be released in the United States.

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Mishaya | Wallhanging by Mary Jane Jessen | Artists for Conservation 2021

Mary Jane Jessen CA

Humankind is notorious for encroaching on natural waterways and abusing resources. In British Columbia, salmon streams are becoming endangered as human populations grow, and the reality of global warming sets in. Human arrogance leads many to believe they have the knowledge and ability to control nature, in turn leading them to exploit natural life-support systems in order to attain a profit and a degree of personal comfort. Contemporary society’s competitive tensions and materialistic...

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Paired For Life | Sculpture by David Bruce Johnson | Artists for Conservation 2021

David Bruce Johnson CA

For me, art is an endless journey of discovery, imagination, exploration, experimentation, learning and pure joy. Nature is a prime source of inspiration for fulfilling my passion for art.

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Charly | Wallhanging by Sandra Jones | Artists for Conservation 2021

Sandra Jones GB

I try to capture the look, character, feel, texture of an animal and then put all that into an atmosphere that hopefully makes people stop and look closer. Being an Artist I feel I am so fortunate to be able to see the beauty in the world around me in more colour and detail. Unfortunately, this is also true sometimes in seeing the negative impact we are making so I am grateful to be able to share and express through colour, shape and form how I see the splendour in my surroundings.

Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Familiar with the Sounds before they are Gone  | Wallhanging by Justin Kellner | Artists for Conservation 2021

Justin Kellner US

The paintings give an impression of the natural areas I've explored, while informing the viewer about their environmental fragility. Very sensitive to their environments, birds are often a good indicator of the health of a particular ecosystem. In my paintings, I combine aggressive, abstract brushstrokes and textures with realistically rendered birds to create spaces that give the impression of erosion, change and isolation.  While my work is informed by my research of environmental issues, my...

Tiger Trance | Wallhanging by Marie Kirkwood | Artists for Conservation 2021

Marie Kirkwood US

 My intention when painting is to capture the spirit of serene beauty that surrounds me when catching a glimpse of wild creatures and communicate it to the viewer through a visual story

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Sun Salute | Wallhanging by Megan Kissinger | Artists for Conservation 2021

Megan Kissinger US

Go off the path, see the Orb Weaver Spider catch breakfast in her web. Dig up a handful of muck from the ground and see a hundred creatures in the tiny real estate of your palm. Canoe into a cypress head and hear the pops and echos of a million insects, fish and birds going about their daily work of finding—and being food. When I paint, I try to convey that feeling of Life and the paradox that it is, at once, large and small, fertile and barren, safe and dangerous.

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And the Cranes Flew Under the Moon | Wallhanging by Kathy Kleinsteiber | Artists for Conservation 2021

Kathy Kleinsteiber US

I love the calm that I find in nature and the excitement of a chance encounter with wildlife. Having spent most of my life among the hustle and bustle of the modern world, I want to create a window into the natural world through my art.  

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Snowy Owl | Wallhanging by Joseph Koensgen | Artists for Conservation 2021

Joseph Koensgen CA

The rich natural world has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. Whenever I have thought about expressing this passion, it has always been through the pencil and paint brush. From the smallest of song birds to the most colourful and majestic of creatures, they are all so diverse and interesting that I am inspired to learn, and to paint. My art is simply an outward expression of my love for the natural world.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
The Sentinels of Devils Tower - Prairie Dogs and Peanuts | Wallhanging by Krish Krishnan | Artists for Conservation 2021

Krish Krishnan US

Consumed by insatiable wanderlust and a deep-rooted passion for exploring exotic cultures, I’ve lived in a dozen countries and visiting over seventy five.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Not So Black and White | Wallhanging by Jennifer Krueger | Artists for Conservation 2021

Jennifer Krueger US

According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, approximately one million species of plants and animals are now threatened with extinction due to human activity. Our world is dying, and with that death comes the extinction of the animals we admire. Every species has a face. Every animal has a heartbeat, a consciousness, a will to be alive. My work challenges the viewer to look directly into those souls, those beings who are being torn away from...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Accidentals | Wallhanging by Deborah Kruger | Artists for Conservation 2021

Deborah Kruger US

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Target Acquired  | Wallhanging by Whitney Kurlan | Artists for Conservation 2021

Whitney Kurlan US

“It’s not enough to create beautiful art. For me it’s about making a difference, using my art as a voice for those who do not have one.”

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Gilded Shimmer 2 | Wallhanging by Shawna Lampi-Legaree | Artists for Conservation 2021

Shawna Lampi-Legaree CA

I hope that my art work reflects my love of the beauty of natural world both wild and cultivated.  With so many people disconnected from nature, my small aim is to bring awareness of the amazing birds and flowers that surround our homes and forests. Kids so rarely can go out their door and play in the bush like my kids did when they were growing up in the 80s and 90s.  Parental fear and, often time, the actual physical distance to nature plays a pivotal role in the disconnection our children...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Beautiful Diversity | Wallhanging by Corinna Langebrake | Artists for Conservation 2021

Corinna Langebrake DE

Be curious and open minded!

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Tree-top drama: Red-fan Parrots | Wallhanging by Pat Latas | Artists for Conservation 2021

Patricia Latas US

Dr. Latas has been dedicated to conservation in both artistic and scientific endeavors for more than 40 years. Beginning as a young biologist performing ecological modelling and working with experts in climate change more than 40 years ago, she has seen the incessant grinding degradation of the environment, exactly according to those old predictions. She works tirelessly in leadership roles in several organizations to promote conservation, and over the years has donated thousands of dollars...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
All the Majesty | Wallhanging by Bruce Lawes | Artists for Conservation 2021
Only Have Eyes for You | Wallhanging by Bruce Lawes | Artists for Conservation 2021

Bruce Lawes CA

“Without the individual and corporate efforts today, we may not be able to preserve and enjoy all we cherish with our children tomorrow”.

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Sagebrush Sentinels | Wallhanging by Johanna Lerwick | Artists for Conservation 2021

Johanna Lerwick US

"My love and passion for wildlife has led to my journey of painting, to me, they go hand in hand. When I create a painting, it is more than paint on a brush, it is bringing an animal or scene to life. With my brushes and hues I capture moments in time, instants and exact feelings. When a wolf is caught in the element of surprise or a deer is caught off guard, these are precise moments I bring to life."

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Climate Encounter I | Wallhanging by Sailev | Artists for Conservation 2021
World Wild Web | Wallhanging by Sailev | Artists for Conservation 2021

Simon Levasseur FR

I have used art to share my intense love for nature, hoping to inspire others. Our choices matter and it rests in our hands to uplift the Earth to a more balanced and advanced future.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Quiet Pursuit | Wallhanging by Laura Levitsky | Artists for Conservation 2021

Laura Levitsky CA

Art is where I go to explore and express.  I get lost in it.  It is the only thing I seem to have an infinite patience for as I can sit for hours and meticulously paint every hair of lichen growing on a tree. For me, it is important to include the smallest of pixie-up lichen or the damselfly resting on a blade of grass as I feel it assists in capturing the whole story and hopefully exposes it to the viewer as an important part of the whole picture, not just in the painting, but in nature itself...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Mutual Curiosity | Wallhanging by Esther Lidstrom | Artists for Conservation 2021

Esther Lidstrom US

Lions roar in the night, the scent of Africa wafts through the tent…The ground reverberates with the running of rhinos spooked by a footfall of man…A leopard noses downward to meet her reflection in a quiet pool…Filtered sunlight plays on a gorilla gently cradling her baby. Fantasy? Reality…for Esther Lidstrom.

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Take Flight | Wallhanging by Patsy Lindamood | Artists for Conservation 2021

Patsy Lindamood US

Most of my pieces are representational, rendered in exhaustive detail. A self-taught artist, marked by strong, colorful, yet infinitely detailed compositions. In addition to the wildlife pieces based on my own research photography, I have also completed a number of pet and human portraits. I hike nature preserves and national parks to observe, study the behavior of, and photographically record wildlife in their natural environments, then develop my paintings in the studio from my photos....

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Greater Kudu, Maasai Mara | Wallhanging by Douglass Lockyer | Artists for Conservation 2021
Tim, One of the Last and Largest Giant Tuskers | Wallhanging by Douglass Lockyer | Artists for Conservation 2021

Douglass Lockyer NZ

I'm a Kiwi (New Zealand born and raised) who has lived in Sydney, Australia for seven years, then New York for twenty and have recently returned to New York from Nairobi, Kenya, where I lived, on and off, for seven years. I paint watercolor and mixed media bird nad wildlife art, focusing on birds and mammals from New Zealand, Australia and recently, Kenya. I donate typically around 50% of each wildlife painting proceeds to one of several Kenyan wildlife conservancies or trusts.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Lion Sundowners | Wallhanging by Anne London | Artists for Conservation 2021
Sister Pride | Wallhanging by Anne London | Artists for Conservation 2021

Anne London US

"I have always known, even as a small child, where my destiny was headed," says the wildlife artist.

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Splash of Blue | Wallhanging by Emily Lozeron | Artists for Conservation 2021

Emily Lozeron CA

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