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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/16754/artist/14800/artwork/sanctuary-19755">Sanctuary </a>" by Corrinne Wolcoski | Canada


Wallhanging by Corrinne Wolcoski
16.00" H x 16.00" W
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Urban green space
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Original Available
Artist will donate 30% to Nature Conservancy of Canada and 25% to AFC from sale of this work.
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$1,300 USD
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Based in Vancouver, BC for the past year I have been unable to travel for inspiration along the West Coast. I discovered a man-made park 10 min from my house called the Sanctuary. A secret gem in the middle of the city, I have been painting here in all seasons and weather. It made me realize nature is everywhere, even in a city... The importance of people to experience and gain an appreciation for the environment around them is why these spaces are so crucial. Since then, I have looked at city parks in a new way



Sanctuary  | Wallhanging by Corrinne Wolcoski | Artists for Conservation 2021

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