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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/16754/artist/1426/artwork/sister-pride-19570">Sister Pride</a>" by Anne London | United States

Sister Pride

Wallhanging by Anne London
30.00" H x 60.00" W
Mixed Media
Year Completed:
Three Lionesses
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I don't have any sisters by birth, but I've often thought of my chosen sisters as my pride. Courageous, loyal, fierce or tender, as they need to be—my friends, like the lionesses I love to draw and paint, inspire and comfort me. Together, the related females, grandmothers, aunties, mothers, sisters and daughters will defend their shared territory, raise each others' cubs, fight the good fight with other predators for their entire lives. The colors and textures of Africa are unique. I chose a warm golden palette here—a congenial warm tone enveloping the group. Colors tell a part of the story in my work—as well as line quality, dark and light, and composition. These ladies walk forward, boldly, shoulder-to-shoulder.



Sister Pride | Wallhanging by Anne London | Artists for Conservation 2021

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