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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/16754/artist/1374/artwork/roosevelt-elk-his-prime-19724">Roosevelt Elk: In His Prime</a>" by Mark Hobson | Canada

Roosevelt Elk: In His Prime

Wallhanging by Mark Hobson
48.00" H x 38.00" W
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Roosevelt Elk
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Most people living on Vancouver Island have never seen a Roosevelt Elk. Despite being the size of a small horse they mostly keep to the remote northern valleys and alpine regions where few humans venture. With the forest undergrowth dense and tangled it always gives me a huge sense of joy when one steps into view. I painted this scene from memory using the Taylor River in the middle of Vancouver Island as reference. I have driven past this spot hundreds of times in the 37 years I have lived on the Island’s outer coast and never seen an Elk until 6 days after completing this painting. Driving the highway in the evening twilight I slowed at this location and as if on queue two large bulls were near the side of the road almost completely concealed in the alders and salmon berry thickets. I pulled over and with their pungent cattle-like odour rich in the air I was able to walk among them in the dim light and get a few photographs.



Roosevelt Elk: In His Prime | Wallhanging by Mark Hobson | Artists for Conservation 2021

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