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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/16754/artist/1363/artwork/eagle-ray-pass-19334">Eagle Ray Pass</a>" by Guy Harvey | Cayman Islands

Eagle Ray Pass

Wallhanging by Guy Harvey
48.00" H x 60.00" W
Year Completed:
Eagle Rays, Hawksbill Turtle, Barracuda and Grouper swimming around a Coral and Sea Fan Reef
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Original Available
Artist will donate 15% to Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation from sale of this work.
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Price: $42,000 USD
The diving along the north wall in Grand Cayman is best during the summer months. The resident barracudas, groupers, snappers, grunts and jacks are spread out along the vertical drop off. Stony corals and soft corals line the edge, sea fans waving gently in the current. Reef sharks patrol the drop off as do the beautiful spotted eagle rays. This time of year they are here to mate, several males may escort a female for days ending with an event we have never seen. The dive site is named Eagle Ray Pass for good reason. We do not know why the eagle rays habitually fly down the wall as they feed mostly on sand flats looking for clams and buried crustaceans that typically live in the shallow back reefs.



Eagle Ray Pass | Wallhanging by Guy Harvey | Artists for Conservation 2021

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