Exhibiting Artists

His vision | Wallhanging by Christina Dunzinger | Artists for Conservation 2020

Christina Dunzinger US

I paint animals because wild creatures present themselves simply as they are. Theirs is a raw beauty without artifice, the primordial connection with life clearly visible. In this connection, I encounter my own humanity at a deeper level. My portraits portray animals in a respectful way, aware of their otherness, avoiding any trace of nostalgia or sentimentality. The background is the devoid of details: nothing distract the viewer from the animal and its presence. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Cecil and Jericho | Wallhanging by Linda DuPuis-Rosen | Artists for Conservation 2020

Linda DuPuis-Rosen US

If I am able to connect more children and youth with wildlife through art then I have served a real purpose. I hope you enjoy the art and if you wish to contribute to the betterment of nature and wildlife for yourself and those to come, invest in an amazing piece of art from the AFC website.

Raven Dance | Wallhanging by Vicky Earle | Artists for Conservation 2020

Vicky Earle CA

As a natural history artist for conservation, I strive to highlight birds, animals, botanicals and natural phenomena that too often go unnoticed. We can all be better guardians and good stewards of environments around the world. By helping people connect emotionally with species and habitats through art, my hope is that more individuals will take positive action to protect the biodiversity of our natural world.

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Morning Sacrament - White Egret | Wallhanging by Mary Erickson | Artists for Conservation 2020

Mary Erickson US

There is a spiritual sense of belonging for me when I am out in Nature. With a childlike excitement, I am awed and inspired by our planet. Paintings are my way of sharing its beauty. As an artist I will leave a body of work that represents my lifelong passion and respect for our environment. I believe there will come a day when the only places we will be allowed a glimpse of true nature will be in the parks and preserves we set aside today. My 39-acre residence in North Carolina is slated to...

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Spring Beauties and Blue-Tailed Skink | Wallhanging by Jeanne Filler Scott | Artists for Conservation 2020

Jeanne Filler Scott US

From a very early age, I have always been fascinated by animals and the natural world. I started drawing at the age of 3, when I sketched the family cat stalking a bird. I enjoy painting and drawing all kinds of creatures, from wolves to insects, as well as plants, nature details and landscapes.  I hope my art will inspire the viewer to treat animals and nature with kindness and respect.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Ghost | Wallhanging by James Fiorentino | Artists for Conservation 2020

James Fiorentino US

My main reason for painting nature and willdife art is to educate people about the world around them. At the same time you are also learning about the art of watercolor and the goal is to encourgae people to expereince nature through painting. I raise money and awareness through my art also take part in many conersvation projects. Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, The Raptor Trust and D & R Greenway Land Trust in Princeton NJ have given me many expereinces in conservation and education. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Confrontation | Wallhanging by Cynthie Fisher | Artists for Conservation 2020
Golden Gaze | Wallhanging by Cynthie Fisher | Artists for Conservation 2020

Cynthie Fisher US

"I have spent my life studying all manner of wildlife, and continue to strive to portray many different species in 8 different mediums. I hope to inspire and educate the viewer about the wide variety and perilous situation of animals we share our planet with."

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Lazy Leopard | Wallhanging by Garry Fleming | Artists for Conservation 2020

Garry Fleming AU

Garry Fleming is one of the world's most published wildlife artist's, with more than 150 book titles published in over 60 languages. He has multiple awards to his name including the RAS birds and wildflowers art prize 3 times, and both Wilderness and Zoological awards for wildlife art excellence. Garry describes his work as phot or hyperrealism. He works in water based oils on canvas and board.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Fragile Giants | Wallhanging by Erin Foggoa | Artists for Conservation 2020

Erin Foggoa CA

Being raised in the woods in the Rocky Mountains, and then choosing education in the city, has created an interesting joint collaboration in my work; I grew to love the clear and concise lines that are created by illustrating on a computer, while needing to add the photographs taken on hikes or taken of forests and wild elements, the softness of watercolour and the brightness of gold flakes. I love using art resin and eco resin in my projects because I love the textural elements and the awe...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
"Regeneration" | Wallhanging by David Gallup | Artists for Conservation 2020

David Gallup US

The world's population is prone to tribal and idealogical violence, but we must find a way to rise above this and find our shared humanity.  Only if we work together can we avoid the collapse of our oceans, beginning with our imperiled coral reefs which provide essential nursery habitat for fish which provide life-sustaining food for one billion of Earth's human inhabitants.  Nansi and I paint the coral reefs in hopes of sending this message to a broader audience.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Brief Encounter  | Wallhanging by Tykie Ganz | Artists for Conservation 2020

Tykie Ganz US

  He who works with his hands is a Laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a Craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an Artist.  - Saint Francis of Assisi -

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Sibling Rivalry | Wallhanging by Lisa Gleim | Artists for Conservation 2020

Lisa Gleim US

I have been painting and drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. For me, art is like breathing. I can't imagine doing anything else!  

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Golden Eagle | Wallhanging by Susan Gosevitz | Artists for Conservation 2020

Susan Gosevitz CA

I see art as a collaboration with nature. Together we create the real and sublime in one, providing a return from hectic and stress, from consumption and chaos, to meditative simplicity. I paint scenes of natural moments to wake up, to calm and to bring a sense of peace. My paintings reflect a deep respect for nature and the wildlife that depend on its' integrity.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Ouverture II | Wallhanging by Marco Grasso | Artists for Conservation 2020
Thanatos | Wallhanging by Marco Grasso | Artists for Conservation 2020

Marco Grasso IT

I find nature to be an unlimited source of inspiration. Painting an animal for me it's a way to understand its anatomy, behavior and evolutionary history while having fun!

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Safe Distance | Wallhanging by Peter Gray | Artists for Conservation 2020

Peter Gray ZA

Peter Gray is a multi-award winning artist. He was born in Zimbabwe in 1950 and sold his first artwork when he was 12 years old. Living near the Hwange National Park and a stone’s throw from the Matobo Hills National Park, Peter grew up with a passion for these wilderness areas that became the nurturing ground for his career as an artist.

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Boreas | Wallhanging by Patricia Griffin | Artists for Conservation 2020

Patricia Griffin US

I am in constant awe of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds me. I am drawn to raw areas that have been preserved from excessive development.  I am at peace in the untamed wilderness.  I am inspired by the life force that connects all things. I travel consistently to fuel my desire to create. My subjects present themselves to me and I am captivated by their essence and compelled to share the intimate experience. My work is the result of 28 years of commitment to observation of my...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Excursion of the Numbats | Wallhanging by Dr. Elke Gröning | Artists for Conservation 2020
Summit Conference of the Keas | Wallhanging by Dr. Elke Gröning | Artists for Conservation 2020

Elke Gröning DE

Watching wild animals in their natural environment and walking in wild landscapes offers us moments of deep joy, peace and the feeling that things seem to be right. Wildlife artists, biologists and paleontologists are sure that a great range of species diversity is the sign of a rich and healthy planet Earth.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Spirit Animals - Alpha Pair | Wallhanging by Gemma Gylling | Artists for Conservation 2020

Gemma Gylling US

From the time I was a little girl I always wanted to create art. My art is inspired by my love and passion of wildlife and animals. The Animals speak to me in a very special way and because of that I try to help them speak to you through my art. I strive to portray the velvet touch of their fur, the sound of their roar or the plight they are living to simply exist. My animal art is created by applying several layers of colored pencil on suede mat board or a sanded surface. Each creation can...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Cold Trek  | Wallhanging by Mark Hallett | Artists for Conservation 2020

Mark Hallett US

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Grander Black | Wallhanging by Setsuo Hamanaka | Artists for Conservation 2020

Setsuo Hamanaka JP

My main concern is saltwater game fishes but I also love other species and their habitat in both freshwater and saltwater. I’m interested in the relation from mountain forests to the ocean, the relation between human activities and the nature.

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Heralds of Autumn | Wallhanging by Lorna Hamilton | Artists for Conservation 2020

Lorna Hamilton GB

 Creativity is intelligence having fun. (Albert Einstein). This has become my only aim in my art. I want to ignite my imagination and go beyond observation and analysis. This is my journey!  

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Manatee Escape | Wallhanging by Guy Harvey | Artists for Conservation 2020
Giants and Sails | Wallhanging by Guy Harvey | Artists for Conservation 2020

Guy Harvey KY

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
All for One, One for All - Albatross | Wallhanging by Kitty Harvill | Artists for Conservation 2020

Kitty Harvill BR

I feel humans have a stewardship to protect this beautiful planet that gives us so very much – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Crane Dance | Wallhanging by Pamela Haunschild | Artists for Conservation 2020

Pamela Haunschild US

Being outside in nature is everything to me!  In my paintings, I attempt to capture the essence of nature without copying it exactly.  I want to get past the obvious -- to the essence of why many of us find being outside in nature soothing to our souls.  Whether this is conveying the power behind a falcon’s gaze or the wonder of the vast number and variety of creatures that live in a tide pool, I hope to capture something that will inspire viewers to connect more deeply with the natural world...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Peregrine Falcon | Sculpture by Martin Hayward-Harris | Artists for Conservation 2020

Martin Hayward-Harris GB

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Common Dolphin Dana Point | Wallhanging by Doug Hiser | Artists for Conservation 2020
Night Assassin - Short-eared Owl | Wallhanging by Doug Hiser | Artists for Conservation 2020

Doug Hiser US

Nature.  The Natural World.  Everything before man came and covered with concrete and steel.  I am truly alive in the natural world, the jungle, the mountains, the forests, the places where all our millions of different species thrive.  This is the world I strive to live in and use my art to illuminate and share with the many people of the world who revere this natural animal world the way I do.  I create with paint, ink, graphite, sculpture, collage, anything not nailed down, to bring an...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
The Beehive | Wallhanging by Diana Hoehlig | Artists for Conservation 2020

Diana Höhlig CH

The inspiration for creating my artworks are the finest details, summed up in the overall beauty of nature. It is my aim to capture that feeling of perfection and the natural spirit in my paintings.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Enchanting Yellow Tails | Wallhanging by James Hough | Artists for Conservation 2020
Safe Haven | Wallhanging by James Hough | Artists for Conservation 2020

James Hough AU

 “There is nothing more rewarding than to finish a work and to be able say that it captures that moment in time that was unique in the natural world and that onlookers will observe for the feeling or emotion of the work as well as its correctness. Finding a passion in your life as I have done with wildlife art and pursuing it creates a great deal of confidence in one’s ability and a great sense of fulfillment. I have a great desire to contribute to the long-term preservation of our unique...

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A Delicate Balance | Wallhanging by Rachel Ivanyi | Artists for Conservation 2020

Rachel Ivanyi US

Historical natural history art has always been my inspiration, because I find joy in the natural world and revel in minute differences that separate one creature from the next.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Courage Sleeps | Wallhanging by Taylor Ann | Artists for Conservation 2020

Taylor Ivester US

My work is here to remind humanity as a collective of the great creatures that share this planet with us. The amount of wildlife in the world is vast and at many times, forgotten. We are all caught up in our busy lives on a daily basis. How often do we stop to appreciate the amount of life on Earth? We should make that time on a daily basis too. 

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Rare Rhino | Wallhanging by Pat Jackman | Artists for Conservation 2020

Pat Jackman US

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Afternoon Rendezvous | Wallhanging by Stephen Jesic | Artists for Conservation 2020

Stephen Jesic AU

His extraordinary acrylic painting technique and recent depictions of parrots and macaws has drawn the attention of the Australian fine art materials company Matisse Derivan, the producer of the acrylic paints that Stephen exclusively uses. They now feature his techniques on their bi-monthly internet newsletter and are using his images of exotic macaws in the packaging of their Primary Colour Set of Structure Formula Acrylics and Mediums, soon to be released in the United States.

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Higher Ground | Wallhanging by Regan Johnson | Artists for Conservation 2020

Regan Johnston CA

Jacob's Silkmoth | Wallhanging by Hans Kappel | Artists for Conservation 2020

Hans Kappel DE

Through my work I wish to create appreciation for the preservation of nature and the environment. I would like to try to promote the conservation of our natural resources in times of fascination with virtual worlds which seem strangely alienated from nature and sterile to me. Real nature, however, is disappearing and, as I see it, often in small steps which go unnoticed.

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Remember the Sounds | Wallhanging by Justin Kellner | Artists for Conservation 2020

Justin Kellner US

The paintings give an impression of the natural areas I've explored, while informing the viewer about their environmental fragility. Very sensitive to their environments, birds are often a good indicator of the health of a particular ecosystem. In my paintings, I combine aggressive, abstract brushstrokes and textures with realistically rendered birds to create spaces that give the impression of erosion, change and isolation.  While my work is informed by my research of environmental issues, my...

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Flamingo Fandango | Wallhanging by James Kiesow | Artists for Conservation 2020

James Kiesow US

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Altamira: The Summer of Not Looking Down | Wallhanging by Megan Kissinger | Artists for Conservation 2020

Megan Kissinger US

Go off the path, see the Orb Weaver Spider catch breakfast in her web. Dig up a handful of muck from the ground and see a hundred creatures in the tiny real estate of your palm. Canoe into a cypress head and hear the pops and echos of a million insects, fish and birds going about their daily work of finding—and being food. When I paint, I try to convey that feeling of Life and the paradox that it is, at once, large and small, fertile and barren, safe and dangerous.

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Barn Owl Montage | Wallhanging by David Kitler | Artists for Conservation 2020
Robin Fledgling | Wallhanging by David Kitler | Artists for Conservation 2020

David Kitler CA

We are often told to 'stop and smell the roses.' As a visual artist, David's work reminds us instead to stop and LOOK at the beauty that surrounds us. 'God is an amazing designer; the closer you look, the more there is to see.'

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Please Don't Let This Be All That's Left! | Wallhanging by Kathy Kleinsteiber | Artists for Conservation 2020

Kathy Kleinsteiber US

I love the calm that I find in nature and the excitement of a chance encounter with wildlife. Having spent most of my life among the hustle and bustle of the modern world, I want to create a window into the natural world through my art.  

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Sealing the Deal | Sculpture by Christine Knapp | Artists for Conservation 2020

Christine Knapp US

Art is an intimate way of communicating a message, feeling or emotion to others. My goal is to spark a fond memory, inspire an idea or enlighten my viewers of the varied subjects I have chosen to portray. Of ultimate interest to me is that special bond that develops between people, animals, and each other. – Christine

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Pacific Forest | Wallhanging by Joseph Koensgen | Artists for Conservation 2020

Joseph Koensgen CA

The rich natural world has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. Whenever I have thought about expressing this passion, it has always been through the pencil and paint brush. From the smallest of song birds to the most colourful and majestic of creatures, they are all so diverse and interesting that I am inspired to learn, and to paint. My art is simply an outward expression of my love for the natural world.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Serenity | Wallhanging by Barbara Kopeschny | Artists for Conservation 2020

Barbara Kopeschny CA

Welcome to my website! “I am very proud of my participation in Artist for Conservation as their efforts support my own commitment to protecting and celebrating the rich habitat and wildlife that defines our Canadian wilderness.”

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Old Soul | Wallhanging by Deborah LaFogg Docherty | Artists for Conservation 2020

Deborah LaFogg Docherty US

Deborah LaFogg Docherty’s art combines her great two loves: her love of nature and her love of painting. She has been studying wildlife in it's natural habitat since she was a child on her family’s farm in Connecticut. Her paintings strive to give people a glimpse of how animals live in the wild. Deborah’s quest to paint wildlife has taken her across the United States and has become an adventure she loves to share.

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