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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/12053/artist/1472/artwork/ibis-flying-under-moon-13302">Ibis Flying Under the Moon</a>" by Mary Louise O'Sullivan | United States

Ibis Flying Under the Moon

Wallhanging by Mary Louise O'Sullivan
32.00" H x 48.00" W
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Ibis Wading Birds
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Artist will donate 25% to National Wildlife Federation from sale of this work.
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I have always liked to portray groups of birds The reasons for this closeness is both for self protection (safety in numbers) or hunting skills such as the white pelicans have who carefully herd the fish. The fact that the great flocks of Ibis usually get up and go to work early in the morning and fly home as the sun is setting provides exactly the warm light photographers often look for. The Ibis are plentiful especially around the Southern Coasts, but interestingly, they are fresh water diners and it is said that their habitat is declining because of the increasing incursion of salt water. The fact that they liked their food to live in fresh water made them taste better to early settlers than the fish eating waders like the herons and egrets.



Ibis Flying Under the Moon | Wallhanging by Mary Louise O'Sullivan | Artists for Conservation 2020

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