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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/12053/artist/1426/artwork/hwange-heartbeat-13387">Hwange Heartbeat</a>" by Anne London | United States

Hwange Heartbeat

Wallhanging by Anne London
48.00" H x 72.00" W
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In Zimbabwe , I have seen the largest herds of elephants in all of my travels. Hwange Park has been one of the most fruitful destinations for this artist, most of all for this spectacle: having our vehicle surrounded , catching glimpses of those amber eyes high overhead as they pass, taking me in. It's a life changing thing for anyone. The ground is dotted with large oval prints, some little ones as well. That they allow us into their world is humbling. This piece has the distinction of being the largest elephant piece I've ever done. I chose the hot colors as I remember the moment filled with dust, hot breezes, and deep belly rumbles. The scene was filled with lots of movement, some of which was close enough to shake the ground under our tires. There is much texture on this original - areas where I used my fingers to score through layers of translucent colors, revealing areas underneath.



Hwange Heartbeat | Wallhanging by Anne London | Artists for Conservation 2020

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