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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/12053/artist/1340/artwork/regeneration-13770">"Regeneration"</a>" by David Gallup | United States


Wallhanging by David Gallup
36.00" H x 36.00" W
Year Completed:
Giant Clam, Coral Reef, Bubble tip Anemones
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$18,000 USD
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I could think of no subject which puts a more focused light on the urgency of our environmental challenges than our vanishing coral reefs. Likewise, I could find no more beautiful or compelling subject than our coral reef systems. In "Regeneration", I have used the shapes of human reproductive organs as an attention-grabbing visual to lure the viewer in with the goal of inspiring curiosity and, ultimately, activism. Our reliance on fossil fuels and the resulting greenhouse gasses are destroying our coral reefs at alarming rates, with 90% of our reefs facing a likely extinction in the next 30 years. This work is not intended to inform the viewer so much as to inspire curiosity and respect for what we are failing to pass down to future generations and to raise the question of the morality of depriving our descendants of a resource which holds unlimited promise as a source for medicines, sustains 500 million (mostly poor) people, and one which is currently an economic resource worth an estimated $375 BILLION per year.



"Regeneration" | Wallhanging by David Gallup | Artists for Conservation 2020

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