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"<a href="https://www.artistsforconservation.org/virtual-exhibit/12053/artist/1327/artwork/spring-beauties-and-blue-tailed-skink-13360">Spring Beauties and Blue-Tailed Skink</a>" by Jeanne Filler Scott | United States

Spring Beauties and Blue-Tailed Skink

Wallhanging by Jeanne Filler Scott
8.00" H x 10.00" W
Year Completed:
Spring Beauty wildflowers and Blue-tailed Skink in a forest floor setting
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My family and I live in Washington County, Kentucky. Our land has a lot of wildlife habitat: wooded areas, old fields, ponds, a creek, and about three-fourths of it is bordered by the Beech Fork River. I love hiking through the woods, seeing the wildflowers that are blooming and all the life that is around me. We occasionally see a Blue-tailed Skink, which is the juvenile form of the American Five-Lined Skink. I came upon these Spring Beauty wildflowers growing by a small log, with almost magical lighting and decided to paint a skink on the log. I am fascinated by the micro-landscapes in the woods; there is so much to see if you look closely, and I could paint hundreds of these scenes if I had the time. It amazes me how so much life is there, and how little we are aware of the comings and goings of all these creatures. Large, small, tiny, and microscopic, they all are living their lives, and we see only a fraction of what is going on in their world.



Spring Beauties and Blue-Tailed Skink | Wallhanging by Jeanne Filler Scott | Artists for Conservation 2020

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