White-winged Guan

White-winged Guan by AFC

Penelope albipennis by Russ Heselden
(8 in. x 8 in. | Oil on board | ID#4031)

Family: CRACIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

I love painting Guans since they are so gawky and full of character. I am lucky enough to have seen a number of different species in the wild, though sadly never this one which now has an estimated population of only around 250 individuals limited to the extreme NW of Peru. Habitat destruction is the main threat, although the species is also still hunted (HBW Alive). Guans often perch high in trees, where despite their size they can often be quite difficult to see. I decided to paint this one against a fairly abstract pattern of branches and the suggestion of leaves, both to highlight the imposing nature of the bird itself and to make it stand out when in place as part of the Silent Skies mural.
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