White-winged Duck, White-winged Wood Duck

White-winged Duck, White-winged Wood Duck by AFC

Asarcornis scutulata by Susan Shimeld
(8 in. x 8 in. | Pastel | ID#3668)

Family: ANATIDAE | Conservation Status: Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

I chose to portray my White-winged Duck as if he had just landed; his white wing coverts and bluish-grey secondary feathers still half-open and in sharp contrast to the dark, swamp forest where, in a secret tree hollow he will roost for the night. The White-winged Duck is most easily seen at dusk when returning from a slow-flowing river, or stagnant wetland feeding ground; his diet consisting mainly of seeds, small fish, insects and aquatic plants. This species was once distributed widely across north-east India and south-east Asia, but sadly their numbers have declined due to habitat loss and hunting. The White-winged Duck is a large, dark, forest duck with orange eyes, an orange and black mottled bill and orange-yellow legs. His underbody is brown, with a contrasting head and upper neck speckled with white. The wings when opened are white and the breast and upper body is a glossy green-black.
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