Titicaca Grebe, Short-winged Grebe

Titicaca Grebe, Short-winged Grebe by AFC

Rollandia microptera by Russ Heselden
(8 in. x 8 in. | Oil on board | ID#4154)

Family: PODICIPEDIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

Titicaca Grebes are found at large, open lakes in the high Andes of South America. The most recent population estimate, which was as long ago as 2003, put Titicaca Grebe at only 1600 individuals and declining. The main cause of the falling numbers appears to be drowning in fishing nets, though some habitat is also at risk from contamination from heavy metal mining and from municipal dumping directly into lakes (HBW Alive). Since Titicaca Grebes are almost invariably seen out on open lakes with little vegetation that is what I wanted to show in the painting; a simple composition of the bird and the patterns on the water. Nothing else seemed necessary.
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