Indigo-winged Parrot, Fuertes's Parrot

Indigo-winged Parrot, Fuertes's Parrot by AFC

Hapalopsittaca fuertesi by Linda Sutton
(8 in. x 8 in. | transparent watercolor | ID#3866)

Family: PSITTACIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

The Indigo-winged Parrot or Fuertes Parrot named after the American bird artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes, is one of the most colorful of Parrots. A complete pallet of color though mostly green, my favorite warm yellow-green with a chunkier profile than most Psittacidae. One of the most Critically Endangered due to habitat loss they were rediscovered in 2002 after an absence of 91 years. Inhabiting the western slopes of a temperate cloud forest above 2600 feet in Colombia, an estimated 300 live in the wild but not without conservation efforts.

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