Imperial Woodpecker

Imperial Woodpecker by AFC

Campephilus imperialis by Cindy Billingsley
(8 in. x 8 in. | acrylic | ID#3698)

Family: PICIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: unknown

Artist Statement

My artwork evolves around social issues and Endangered Animals. I am mainly an Equine and Wildlife artist who does both exhibitions and public art. There is a vital connection between animals and humans. With Bees pollinating 1/3 of our food supply and once bees are lost we as humans aren’t far behind. It is important to educate the public through art on the plight of endangered animals, which is what my art is about. I work with conservation organizations like Artists for Conservation to bring about educating and conservation of the protecting of wildlife. I do all of my own research of my subjects be it Horses or more exotic wildlife. I prefer to really get to know my subjects as best I can, in order that I can then capture the beauty of that animal. I am both a sculptor and a painter, and it is like speaking two languages. Sculpting I might be able to show an animal better, or sometimes that animal needs a narrative and should be painted. I have shown nationally and internationally with both Sculptures and paintings both in solo and juried shows. I have also done several Public Art projects nationally. Upload your artwork image

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