Horned Curassow

Horned Curassow by AFC

Pauxi unicornis by Carel Brest van Kempen
(8 in. x 8 in. | acrylic | ID#4027)

Family: CRACIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

Known only from central Bolivia, this distant turkey relative prefers thick forests with an altitudinal gradient that allows it to spend the wet season above 500 meters. The curassows are a large group of galliform birds found mostly in South America, but with one species ranging north to Mexico. The region where Horned Curassows are found is being colonized by Humans at a high rate. The species is under pressure from deforestation and from hunting for its delicious meat. It is listed by the IUCN as critically endangered. There are two other members of its genus, one endangered and the other critically endangered.

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