Akikiki, 'Akikiki, Kauai Creeper

Akikiki, 'Akikiki, Kauai Creeper by AFC

Oreomystis bairdi by Debbie Hughbanks
(8 in. x 8 in. | acrylic | ID#4000)

Family: FRINGILLIDAE | Conservation Status: Critically Endangered | Population Trend: decreasing

Artist Statement

This painting features the ʻAkikiki of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua’i. Also known as the Kaua’i Creeper, this diminutive bird is listed as critically endangered. Although now found only in the rainforests at the island’s highest elevations it is suspected that the species once had a much broader habitat. The ʻAkikiki is not sexually dimorphic. Nests are generally built in the ohi’a tree and only a single brood is raised per pair each year. Not only facing the common threats which other birds on the island do, such as habitat reduction and Avian Malaria, another introduced threat is thought to have become a particular problem for these birds. Rats are suspected as a major predator to their eggs and nestlings.

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