Jeffrey Brailas

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for July, 2020

Jeffrey Brailas has been painting for over 30 years with much of his inspiration derived from annual excursions to natural, remote areas such as Big Bend National Park, the Sierra Gigantes of Baja, Mexico, and the rainforests of Central America. "I am very interested in combining my love of both art and nature. To me, it means that I have come full circle in my art career, and have reached a higher purpose." 

"By putting myself out into the natural world, sometimes hiking in remote areas, I have gained a greater appreciation for nature and educated myself on its complexities. Through the art of plein air painting, I am confronting these habitats and bringing them back for others to learn from and value. I was an Eagle Scout, and worked on many environmental and conservation and clean-up projects which planted the seeds for my later committment to the conservation of nature and the preservation of habitats."

Jeffrey is a member of the Big Bend Conservancy which helps maintain the National Park in West Texas. They recently completed construction on a new fossil exhibit permanently located within the park. He has also supported Texas Parks and Wildlife. At their home, they have created a habitat for migrating birds and butterflies. They researched and landmarked ther historic home where he lives and where he has his studio. "My wife and I believe in reducing waste of useful building materials and the preservation of structures and surrounding land."

He began bringing paints in his backpack and combining hiking and painting on location, often under harsh conditions. These paintings have been shown in the Chisos Gallery in Marathon, near Big Bend, and at the Art Car Museum in Houston, and in other currated shows. His painting of the Rio Grande River was reproduced for the Texas Green Show brochure at the Art Car Museum. Also, the plein air studies have provided background information for his larger, allegorical paintings which have been shown in various galleries and art spaces in Texas.

As a member of the Friends of Big Bend, Jeffrey has reported rare sightings of wildlife to the rangers in the BBNP. He and his wife have hiked in the Nosara biological reserve, and several other private reserves in Mexico and reforestation projects in Costa Rica. They were also invited to tour a reforestation project in Panama which is connected to the Smithsonian Institute. Their experiences have taught them to appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of conservation.


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