Jack Koonce

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for November, 2020

The conservation focus of many artists and other individuals has been on an individual species of animal. Jack Koonce, started off as a science teacher teaching biology and earth science and kept returning to the obvious concept often brought up by his teenager students - desire for resources boils over into greed and that "all wildlife requires is habitat, it's natural space, a niche to exist in and survive. Therefore I focus my interest and donation activities is on groups that exhibit strong efforts towards preserving habitat."

As Jack points out: "While I have given time and artwork to many organizations working to conserve wildlife. I am currently most interested in using my work to expand awareness of habitat. As a former biology educator it was always evident that when wildlife was offered a place to thrive on their own terms they were inevitably successful. One of the groups that I prefer and believe are doing amazing things in my area is the Nature Consevancy. Their acquisition of land for multi use purpose has been very successful in the promotion of wildlife habitat in conjunction with recreation and agricultural uses."

Jack Koonce received a Bachelors degree from Weber State University in Utah, then taught art and biology prior to embarking upon a fulltime career as an artist. His work has been shown in dozens of museums nationwide, and is exhibited at numerous galleries. He has received several awards Including the Sam Houston Migratory bird award in the Art for the Parks exhibition, and a purchase award at" Art and the Animal Kingdom", Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT. Living today on the Eastern edge of Idaho's Smoky Mountains near Sun Valley, Idaho Koonce finds spiritual and artistic inspiration in his rugged backyard. "My approach is conceptual in its construction, always ending as a compilation of current discoveries and past experiences." That approach to life, and now his life's work, has left him regretless.

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