Chirag Thumbar

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2018

Chirag Thumbar works with organizations and NGOs for awareness and conservation causes for wildlife in India. He encourages the young generation of surrounding villages of the protected areas to appreciate the nature and utilize their artistic skill to generate revenue. He donates a percentage out of the sale of paintings every year to support financially NGOs and  Conservation Foundations.

Organizations he supports include the Greater Gir Nature Trust: A portion of the sale of two paintings from Artists Against Extinction will be donated to Greater Gir Nature Trust that works to Save Asiatic Lions and the Habitat of the Greater Gir. He does volunteer work as a graphic designer and a nature educator.

He also supports the MP Tiger Foundation Society to which he donated a Tiger painting to raise fund for Foundation. MPTFS is a NGO working in Madhya Pradesh of India to bring awareness and conservation of the Tiger. In 2016 two paintings of African Lions were selected for sale to raise funds by online sale show of the African Wildlife Foundation for conservation efforts .

Chirag was born in 1979, in Gujarat, India. He graduated as a graphic designer in 2001 and started working as an Artist at Centre for Environment Education where he mainly worked as an artist and painted models of Indian wildlife for museum exhibits for many Tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries of India.

Chirag inherited the interest in painting from his father who hailed from a small village on the periphery of the Gir National Park, the only abode of Asiatic Lions. In some sense both painting and interest in wildlife come to him naturally. Since, his first visit to Gir National Park when he was only ten, he has only intended to paint nature and wildlife.

Chirag knows it is essential to see the animals in their natural habitat and uses only his own photos, field sketches, and field paintings as the basis for his paintings. He composes the painting to reflect the inherent artistry of nature. His fascination for the big cat ‘the Asiatic Lion’ has now extended to big game animals of India. His best work is inspired from his field studies in Gir National Park, Pench Tiger Reserve and Kanha Tiger Reserve the inspirational setting for Kipling’s Jungle book.

View Chirag's artwork.

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