Cher Anderson

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for August, 2018

In 2002, John and Cher Anderson Founded and help build the largest MLM Health Company in the world, now in 16 countries. Their retirement has now allowed the opportunity and time to return to her passion, dedicate herself to perfecting and promoting her work while giving back to many wildlife conservation organizations. Now, Cher and her husband John rescue giraffes, raise zebras and Andalusia horses on their 20 acre ranch in Chandler, Arizona. They are surrounded by their four legged friends.

Cher is a patron of AFC and indicates:

"My need to be a part of an organization that provides support in conserving earth's beautiful and amazing creatures for my grandchildren and their children to meet in their lifetime is a driving force. When my grandson talks of dinosaurs and I hear the awe in his voice, I realized I could help make sure that his children do not talk about elephants and giraffes the same way without ever seeing one alive. This excellent organization and the people who are becoming family to me, is the best vehicle to achieve our common goal."

Cher Anderson was born in 1962, in Kingston, New York, raised in Mexico City and greatly influenced by the culture and the country's vast number of pioneering artists such as Frida Kahlo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Guillermo Zuñiga and so many more, both present and past. In During her teenage years, she was relocated to Texas where she began showing an interest in fine arts, mostly painting. Through self-instruction, she achieved having several one-woman shows including an invitation to the City of Chihuahua, Mexico by the governor, where she had a one woman exhibit in 1989.

Her art focused on the beauty of women and strength of animals trying to see through their eyes and making them the focus of her work. At the end of 1989, she moved to Phoenix with her very young son and proceeded to get her degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. She spent the following years being a single mother and starting her own company so she could work from home. Growing rapidly, she was hired by a nutritional company to be their in-house label and advertising designer. This is also where she met her future husband. During these years she worked long hours, slept little and travelled a lot. While doing so she began her love affair with the camera. That became more so with the advent of digital photography and the opportunities to encounter wildlife in their natural environments. Painting took on a whole new form while using the camera and travel to far and hidden places to get "The Shot" to use as reference for next work of art.

Learning new mediums such as acrylics and perfecting her technique in watercolors to achieve realism and interpret the encounter with the beautiful creature have now launched her forward in the art world. "In my lifetime, I have painted and sold over 250 original paintings, was blessed to raise an amazing son, seen half the planet, found the love of my life and met incredible people that became my family all over the world through helping them with their health and wellbeing"

“My passion for nature’s beauty, chaos and wonder has lead me to create images that bring to life the spirit of what I see in quiet places, and try to make you feel the awe and the Essence of its Beauty. Life is a miracle – enjoy it, experience it and share it!” 

Cher is a 2018 AFC Festival Ambassador and will be joining us in Vancouver , BC on August 22-25th for the #2018AFCFestival.

Learn more and view Cher's artwork.


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