Peggy Sowden

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for September, 2017

Peggy Sowden has joined a number of West Coast artists in group shows and has been an active participant in the campaigns to preserve the old growth forest in BC's Carmanah Valley and the lower Tsitika Valley/Robson Bight. Recently she participated in the Raincoast Conservation Foundation's "Art for an Oil Free Coast" campaign which sought to prevent oil tanker traffic off Canada's west coast.

 Since 1971 Peggy has had close ties to Mitlenatch Island. This magical island lies in the northern end of the Strait of Georgia and is a seabird nesting colony of international importance. Since 2009 Peggy has coordinated the Mitlenatch Island Stewardship Team (MIST). During the nesting season from April to September MIST volunteers provide a continuous protective presence on the island, inform visitors, conduct avian and other monitoring programs, and perform ecological restoration initiatives. Peggy will donate a percentage of the sales of her artwork listed with the AFC to the MIST program. 

Peggy's love of painting and wild places began as a child. Always encouraged by her mother- a landscape painter to look, to explore and interpret what she saw, Peggy developed an early appreciation for the process of creating art. Her father, an avid outdoorsman, took her family into the wilds of British Columbia, and from these summer adventures seeds were sown for a love of wilderness. Peggy studied and won awards in visual arts in high school, worked as a naturalist, was on the top of the Dean's list in fine art's school, earned a degree in Veterinary medicine and practiced as a vet for many years. She established a coastal homestead with her husband and raised their son. Throughout this time she painted.

Over the past twenty years Peggy has sold her paintings to both private and corporate collectors.

"I am very pleased to be asked to join the AFC. This outstanding organization provides an exciting platform for artists to express their conservation concerns."

Visit Peggy's website.

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