Annika Funke

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for December, 2017

As a passionate conservationist Annika Funke is the founder of the Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust in Namibia, which creates the opportunity for disadvantaged local children to connect with wildlife and wildlife conservation through art.

The Kayamoja ArtConnects Trust is a non profit organisation developed out of Annika's ArtConnects project which was initiated under the theme: “What we learn to love, we learn to respect.” Kayamoja ArtConnects creates the opportunity for (disadvantaged) local children to see, meet, learn about and connect with wildlife through art. Kayamoja ArtConnects aims to expose children to the need for and benefits of wildlife conservation during their formative years, to instill in them a lifelong love for wildlife and support for conservation. 

Kayamoja ArtConnects aims to connect people with animals as well as people from different cultures and age groups with each other by becoming active in conservation through education and art. The Trust is self-financing through the sale of wildlife art from renowned international artists. 

​Known through german TV as "Seelenseherin" of the animals (the one who sees the soul of the animals) Annika's wildlife art has become famous for her charcoal portraits of mostly African wildlife, focussed on revealing the essence of the animal's soul. Her abstract watercolour backgrounds leave space for individual interpretation and emotional expression of the real story from the wilderness behind every painting. 

Annika, born in Germany in 1983, is a painter and photographer devoted to the African wildlife. Her repertoire includes watercolour, charcoal, oil and mixed techniques. Annika is a self-taught artist living in Namibia. She studied African Science at the University of Cologne before leaving for Africa in 2007. She has held several solo exhibitions in Germany and Namibia, published a book in Germany and supports wildlife conservation in Southern Africa by selling her work of African wildlife all over the world. She has spent years in the wilderness and at several wildlife sanctuaries in Namibia & Botswana. She regularly sketches wildlife while traveling with her husband in Southern Africa. She chose to live in Africa since 2007. She and her husband now travel all over Africa by car and never stop learning. 

As she puts it,"I learned about the pureness of golden light and met desert elephants in the vastness of Namibia's breathtaking landscapes....faced social injustice, crystal starry skies, the wisdom of some ancient tribes, and felt the unconditional love of lions towards us humans, who are busy pushing the species towards extinction. I met the rare african wild dog in the wild and learned the heartbreaking stories of HIV orphans in different countries of this continent. I found and spread love.- felt the red sand beneath my bare feet in african thunderstorms, held lost little fingers in the palm of my hands, got lost and found myself and had lions roaring into my face at dawn… I met people and animals on a same level of survival and unconditional love. God blessed me in every possible way and I want to pass on His blessings to all children, people and all wild and all abandon animals on this planet."


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