Lyn Vik

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2016

Lyn Vik and her family live on an acreage where they have many animal family members and even host a fox vixen and her litters of kits every spring. As an environmental scientist, she strives to teach her children land stewardship ethics. Recycling, composting, gardening, reducing our carbon footprint, where possible, and encouraging ecological conservation are but a few practices they follow.

Lyn has a Biological Sciences Diploma and has worked in the Environmental sector for over 20 years. Currently she works as a Senior Environmental Technologist for an environmental consulting company specializing in Environmental Site Assessments, Reclamation and Remediation of Oil and Gas Industry well sites.

For many years she was a "Project Wise" instructor, visiting elementary schools to educate young children on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES). As a volunteer with the Fish and Wildlife department, she had access to many resources and examples of flora and fauna that had been seized by authorities for illegal transportation and possession. 

For 3 years she volunteered with Elk Island National Park on the Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction Program. Through this she was also able to volunteer to gather radio telemetry data on collared White-Tailed Deer to study their habitat increases during the rutting season. "I've also assisted with Bison and Elk handling, tagging, inoculating and preparing for transport to larger National Parks. For one summer, I participated in a Beaver/Ungulate study to determine if both species were browsing on the same species of flora, thereby, stressing availability of food and inhibiting growth of browse species."

Born and raised in Alberta, she has developed a great love of the outdoors and the diverse and beautiful wildlife of Western Canada. This appreciation has manifested itself into my art. Much of my work and personal interests have allowed me to study animals either in the wild or in controlled environments. "

Often with my animal subjects, one element of that animal will inspire me more than the whole subject. I call this collection of artwork “Bits and Pieces”. I typically work on only one piece at a time as this allows me to become familiar with the shape, contour, color, value and dimension of the subject and provides the focus required to create a piece that is true to form.

My goal is to continually challenge myself with pieces that contain elements I’ve never explored before, attempting to develop my skill as an artist and reach a wider audience."

Lyn Vik draws nature and wildlife in charcoal, pastel, graphite and colored pencil and more recentlyshe began to paint with acrylics. Lyn's work has a photo-realistic quality with an emphasis on creating a emotional bond with the subject matter. The content of her work reflects the passion she has for nature and wildlife and her many outdoor hobbies allow for study and observation which translates into her paintings. This has allowed her to partake in many wildlife studies and volunteer positions that have provided her with opportunities to observe wildlife and nature in a manner that few can claim. 

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