Rebecca Koller

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for December, 2015

Australian artist Rebecca Koller currently works with two organisations involved in the care and rehabilitation of injured native Australian animals. The Kuranda Batreach  is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of both mega and microbats, and also care for other wildlife such as possums, sugar gliders and any other native fauna brought to them. Batreach also allows members of the public access to their facility to learn about bats.

She also works with the Far North Queensland Wildlife rescue which works in a region with an exceptionally high number of species as well as some vulnerable endangered animals. This organisation's work is of vital importance, with dedicated volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate and release injured native fauna including anything from raptors, cassowaries, fruit bats, tree kangaroos to Australia's largest python, and the Scrub python.

Recently Rebecca worked for W.I.R.E.S (Wildlife Information and Rescue Education Service) in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. Her role included the immediate rescue and care of injured animals from a variety of sources including anything from collisions with vehicles to domestic animal attacks. 

Much of Rebecca's artwork as well as her care focuses on reptiles and amphibians as well as bats, however, she will take on any animal needing help. The goal of these organisations is to rehabilitate affected animals so they are suitable for release back into the wild. Sadly so many animals fall victim to attacks sustaining injuries they do not recover from, these organisations also dedicate large amounts of time to educating the public on how they can prevent these occurrences.

While studying art, and throughout her early education, Rebecca worked for a number of charities involved in assisting disadvantaged people. 

"I produced illustrations for advertising and murals for charity events before going onto study Graphic Design at university. This lead me to work as a mural artist painting murals on motorcycles and walls of private properties. With pieces appearing in motorcycle magazines in Australia in the 1990's.

Taking a break after having my two children, I began to produce illustrations depicting reptiles, an animal group I have a great love for. As a reptile keeper myself and being involved in the Herpetological sector in Australia, I had an almost endless access to subject matter. I began attending reptile shows throughout Australia selling artworks and producing pieces for reptile breeders and hobbyists.

This lead me to produce work for the Australian Herpetological society to coincide with Romulus Whitaker's appearance in his only speaking event, the piece later appeared in the Australian reptile magazine 'Scales and Tails'.

My deep passion for animals and love of art has allowed me a deeply fulfilling career and the opportunity to share my passions with the goal of positively help our natural world."

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