John Seerey-Lester

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for May, 2014

John and Suzie Seerey-Lester have been involved in raising funds for conservation for over 30 years.  John has raised millions of dollars personally to save African and American wildlife and habitat.  They both devote a large amount of time every year raising funds for their favorite groups. While it is tempting to combine this month's featuring to include both John and Suzie because they are a team, it is also unfair as they both make individual contributions to the AFC mission of supporting nature through art.


John has been helpful in supporting AFC over many years of membership providing expert insight and opinion, acted as a juror on multiple occasions, supported organization programming and exhibits, and acted as an ambassador for AFC in connections with other organizations. Most recently John became an honorary member of the proposed AFC Board of Advisors and has been a valuable sounding board for AFC programs. He has contributed his time in the past and most recently agreed to make a presentation at the upcoming AFC May event in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to volunteering his time in judging the AFC annual exhibition for the past three years he has also judged many other art shows including a recent one in Sarasota Florida in support of the Save Our Seabirds Center.


John received a Commendation from HRH Prince Phillip for his work in conservation. More recently John was invited to become a member of the International Order of St. Hubertus and was Knighted by His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Andreas of Austria. St. Hubertus was founded in 1695 and is the oldest hunting organization in the world. It is dedicated to encouraging conservation and protect endangered species from extinction while promoting sportsmanlike conduct in hunting and fishing. Its heritage can be traced back to Hubert of Lieges, who was born on November 3, 670. Sportsmen throughout the world continue to celebrate St. Hubert on his birthday as the patron Saint of wildlife. John's investiture took place in Houston, Texas on March 23, 2013.


In addition to working with AFC John has supported a range of conservation and art organizations over the past number of decades. John is a Board Member of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute. A few of the organizations he has worked with include: World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, Dian Fossey Foundation, Jane Goodall, The Jane Goodall Institute, Quail Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, Friends of the MacArthur Beach State Park, The Audubon Society, Audubon Center for Birds of Prey, Zoological Society of Florida, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum “Birds in Art”, Marine Turtle Rescue Personnel, The Bennington Art Museum, Peregrine Fund, Kenya Wildlife Fund, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Maine Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Yellowstone National Park, Pelican Man’s Bird Sanctuary, Florida, Wildlife and Conservation International of Birmingham, England, National Wildlife Federation, Center of Marine Conservation, Northwood’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Save our Seabirds Sanctuary, Survival Outreach Sanctuary. 

John's images have a mysterious and mystical appeal, directly related to his ability to paint the unusual. His skill in painting mist and snow, , and wildlife in subdued light, has created a demand for his ability as a painter that has few rivals. Not many artists display the ability to paint wildlife in all the natural elements. Seerey-Lester's imaginative designs are always an anticipated aspect.

With his personal ambition for first-hand experience, it's easy for students to realize his acumen for capturing mood and anatomical accuracy.


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