Gary Hodges

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for November, 2014

Since 1987 Gary’s art has contributed well over $870,000 to wildlife conservation and animal welfare charities.

Gary says “I can’t imagine making a living drawing wildlife and not giving something back. Rest assured by purchasing my prints you are also helping wildlife. In 2012 I’m pleased to say over $44,000 was raised for wildlife charities from my prints and originals.” 

He will be staging a major solo charity show at the Mall Galleries, London to follow on from the wild success of his 1994 show. It was a sell out with all 21 originals and over 900 L/E prints raising a staggering $142,000 for the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Born Free.

In the past year or so Gary has regularly placed sold out prints on the “Giving Lots” charity auction website to great success. The 26 prints auctioned so far have raised over $17,500 for various wildlife charities. 

2010 also presented Gary with an innovative new venture into 3D. He adorned a five foot fibreglass elephant with a collage of his prints for London’s biggest ever outdoor art event, the Elephant Parade. His sculpture, “Tattoo – Born to be Wild” was positioned with a small herd in Green Park marching towards Buckingham Palace. For nine weeks over the summer 260 beautiful elephant sculptures brightened up London. The subsequent auction raised $6,340,000 for elephant conservation. Gary created his elephant especially for Born Free and it sold for almost $20,000.

Gary Hodges is one of the UK’s best selling and most collectable pencil artist. He has sold over 107,000 personally signed and numbered prints from 129 limited editions. 116 of these editions have sold out. The fact he is both a self-published and a self-taught artist makes it all the more impressive.

Gary’s love for animals clearly shines through his drawings. It also shows in his everyday life, whether befriending a dog on the street, swimming with lemon sharks in the Maldives or green turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, touching a wild grey whale in Mexico, cradling an orphaned orang-utan in Borneo … or simply observing, absorbing and photographing the beauty he sees.

His many accolades include the “Oscars” of the UK published art world, the “Best Selling Artist of the Year” and “Best Selling Images by a Living Artist” (two years in succession) from the Fine Art Trade Guild. Other winners of these awards include Rolf Harris, Jack Vettriano, and David Shepherd.

In October 2010 a major six week retrospective of his art was staged by “Nature in Art”, the World’s first and Europe’s only museum dedicated to art inspired by the natural world. Gary is the first pencil artist to be awarded a solo show at this prestigious museum. A limited edition book “Drawn to the Soul” was published to coincide with this landmark event and is now almost sold out. 

His passion for wildlife and wild places has drawn him to five continents in search of references for his drawings. Recent visits to the Great Barrier Reef and the Maldives have opened his eyes to a new fascinating underwater world.

Gary has been drawing animals professionally since 1980. During that time he has sold well over 200 of his expressive pencil drawings. Now at a gentler pace, he continues to create his drawings, continues to donate his art to charities that protect our fragile planet and continues to travel to exotic places to see the wonderful creatures that fill him with the inspiration to draw… the circle of life.

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