Anne London

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for April, 2014

Approaching her fourth decade as a fine artist, Anne London has expertly used her work to raise both money and awareness for endangered animals. She is active in several animal conservation organizations as well as serving on the board of directors for The Project Hope Foundation. Both the International Rhino Foundation and The Cheetah Conservation Foundation as a signature artist and designer of their fund raising images have named her.
Anne's journeys led her to the "wilds of Louisiana" where she moved to join her fiancé, Jim Hart, in 2010. Anne and Jim, both experienced travelers in Africa, crossed paths in Zanzibar several years ago and the relationship naturally blossomed. Active in Ocean research and marine conservation efforts around the world, Jim 's life also revolved around wildlife and environmental action as well as art. They just finished renovating a home, designed in an African/Asian style, near New Orleans, in Mandeville, La. where she has her studio and workshop. They enjoy living there with their 3 dogs in a natural, country environment a short drive from the Belgian horse she raised from a colt. 
Along with maintaining her art commitments, Anne and Jim volunteer weekly at "New Heights" therapeutic riding facility where they help veterans, adults and children with disabilities horseback ride. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, they are also active SCUBA divers and, through the "Diveheart Foundation," help folks with disabilities train and participate in SCUBA diving trips to the Caribbean.
She travels to Africa regularly, visiting friends and fellow conservationists, while bringing back field sketches and photographs of her beloved wildlife. Anne then bases her, "Portraits Of The Wild" on her real life experiences in the African bush. 
Her work can be seen at several wildlife preservation and breeding institutions and municipal zoos as well as in galleries in Aspen, Colorado , Seattle ,Washington and Jackson, Wyoming. One of her most famous sculptural pieces is a large bronze Mountain Lion Sculpture in the center of the Santa Barbara zoo. Besides being collected privately around the world, several international corporations continue to exhibit her artwork, as well as hospitals, conservation foundations and public figures. Her work and techniques are currently used in the teaching curriculum of The California Academy of Art.
Anne's artistic abilities were apparent at an early age when she began selling her art professionally in Los Angels while still in Junior High School. She graduated from California State University, developing her artistic talent under the tutelage of renowned artist and educator, Saul Bernstein.
Following a different path led her, from an early film industry career in Los Angles, to working with film actress, Tippi Hedren, founder of Shambala - a refuge for big cats, elephants and many other endangered species. It was there London realized that she could combine her two passions; art and animals. Since then, she has developed a remarkable career as an internationally recognized artist, and champion of animal conservation.
Her immigrant parents had encouraged her to expand her talents as they explored their new country and its wildlife, and those combined interests have taken her to Africa, Asia and all over the Americas in pursuit of her subject matter- endangered species. 
"The commercial art world was not for me," she says," All I could think about were these animals and the problems they were facing as a species. I wanted future generations to be able to experience the magnificence of seeing these beautiful animals living in their native habitat. 
Anne's mission has led her repeatedly to Africa, Asia and other wild locations - to witness firsthand and record the face of nature through her " Portraits of the Wild ". Each year for the past 30 years, Anne has traveled across the nation, exhibiting at 20 to 35 art shows and keeping in touch with her friends and collectors as well as maintaining her ties with the zoo and conservation community. In these, often museum sponsored, events she has won hundreds of "Best in Show" awards. She travels to Africa regularly, bringing back her field sketches and basing the next year's work on them. 

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