Karyn deKramer

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for October, 2013

Karyn feels strongly about conservation. She has donated her art, skills, time and art images to conservation causes of many types including The Idaho Bird Observatory, The Peregrine Fund, and Earthwatch.

Born in Idaho with access to nature and wildlife, Karyn has spent much of her life exploring the great outdoors. She enjoys wildlife watching, hiking, biking & cross-country skiing. The Boise Foothills, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, and Yellowstone National Park are among the many places she loves to frequent. Her adventures include: a citizens Earthwatch trip to help save Leatherback Turtles in St. Croix, a Boise State University Raptor Ecology trip to Africa, and personal explorations to New Zealand, Central America, Alaska and Hawaii. 

Karyn earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boise State University with emphasis in watercolor. She holds signature memberships with Artists for Conservation and the Idaho Watercolor Society.

Following are examples of specific contributions she has made to conservation causes:

  • Black Swift Surveys- In 2013 Karyn volunteered nine days in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest searching and discovering new breeding sites for this critically imperiled species of Black Swift. Her work will enable prioritization for conservation.
  • Wild Lens Inc. (– In 2013 Karyn donated a Giclee’ print of her work ‘Me!! Mtn. Bluebird’ for the fundraising kickstarter of ‘Bluebird Man’ a conservation film of Al Larson’s lifetime role in the successful recovery of bluebirds directed by Neil Paproki.
  • Children’s Vulture Painting –International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) at The World Center Birds of Prey (WCBP) 2011 and 2012 – Karyn organized and led a children’s painting project encouraging children to add their creative strokes of acrylic paint to canvas in a group painting of a Vulture. This project was initiated by Dr. Munir Virani –TPF Africa, and based on an IVAD children’s painting activity in Kenya. Karyn also duplicated the project for a ‘Family Day’ activity at WCBP in 2011. She is proud to have played a part of connecting young people to art, wildlife and conservation. 
  • ‘Passing Passerines –IBO Migrants’ Wall Mural 2012 - At the request of field biologists at the Idaho Bird Observatory (IBO) - Karyn created the painting ‘Passing Passerines –IBO Migrants’. Influenced by the C. Harper painting ‘Mystery of the Missing Migrants’, this painting portrays migrating songbirds in flight that are banded for conservation research at the IBO banding station on Lucky Peak, in the Foothills of Boise, Idaho. Karyn donated the image to IBO and through a collaboration of IBO and Hewlett Packard it was printed into a wall mural for the IBO Office on the Boise State University campus. The painting is very approachable and usable as an educational tool. She currently pledges 5% of Giclee Print sales of ‘Passing Passerines’ to IBO. The Idaho Bird Observatory is a non-profit research unit of Boise State University whose mission is to contribute to the conservation of western migratory landbirds through cooperative research and public education. Karyn’s hope is that the songbirds in ‘Passing Passerines-IBO Migrants’ continue to enrich the skies as they are all worth protecting and preserving.
  • Art for Conservation/ Fine Print Imaging Member: 2011 -present Art for Conservation showcases independent conservation artists and promotes sales of high quality Giclee’ prints of their work. Currently, Karyn pledges 5% of print sales to be donated to Defenders of Wildlife or the Idaho Bird Observatory to further the conservation efforts in these organizations.
  • Team Goshawk Volunteer Field work with Goshawks 2011 and 2012- Karyn helped to locate and study Goshawk nests for an ongoing study of the Northern Goshawk population in the South Hills of the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho. She then created and donated t-shirt designs each year for the team.
  • Golden Eagle Audubon – Karyn donated images of her watercolor paintings of local birds for use in making note cards for her local chapter Golden Eagle Audubon Society. 
  • East African Ecology trip to Kenya 2010- Karyn joined a Boise State University group to Study raptors and raptor ecology at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. This lake is an important bird area and Ramsar site. It is also the home of the largest population of African Fish Eagles in the world. She was in awe to see and learn of the numbers of wildlife dependent on this lake. She learned of the devastation caused to the wildlife and habitat on this area by the impact of the flower industry and the growing human population that survives on game and lake resources - an ecosystem on the brink of collapse. One deep impacting lesson she learned was the need to find solutions to balancing people’s simple needs to survive with conserving wildlife and the ecosystem. Her experience of encounters with the wildlife in and around Lake Naivasha can be seen in her African Series of paintings.
  • Earthwatch 2006 – Karyn participated in a Citizen Science project in the conservation of the Leatherback Turtle. Lead by Biologists, her team collected data on Leatherback Turtles and relocated nests doomed to ocean erosion. Working at night, she and her team mates caught turtle eggs as they were laid, then relocated them to safer sand. Karyn found it fascinating to work with this endangered turtle. The opportunity not only was an educational experience but allowed her a few opportunities to sketch Leatherback Turtles in moonlight.

High quality Giclee’ Prints of selected Wildlife Watercolors by Karyn deKramer can be purchased online at Karyn deKramer's site (prints) with 5% of sales dedicated to wildlife conservation efforts.

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