Jacqueline King

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for June, 2013

Jacqueline has long held a position of passionate support for environmental care and her art is no exception.

All creations are made with minimum impact on the environment. Jacqueline's glass workshop and home uses 100% renewable energy and each year she carbon offsets even further by planting trees on her small acreage which is totally organic. As much as possible the building blocks are sourced locally including salvaged timber & glass lamps include a low energy bulb. Jacqueline is a member of Australian Conservation Foundation, Ballina Climate Action Network and donor to Rainforest Rescue.

Jacqueline is also a passionate supporter of environmental art as a member for Caldera Art, an exceptionally talented group of Australian artists dedicated to promoting the biodiversity and ecology of Australia's Green Cauldron region surrounding Mt. Warning on the East Coast. This group has an annual round of touring exhibitions plus works with government, industry and educational groups to promote awareness of this fragile environment. Jacqueline's work has been selected each year for the Caldera Artfest and as a Finalist in Caldera Art.

In October 2011 Jacqueline was awarded the Caldera Art Fellowship 2011/12 sponsored by Tweed Shire Council & Essential Energy to create a body of work based on the biodiversity & ecology of the Caldera Region known internationally as Australia's Green Cauldron."I am very proud to have been selected as a signature member of Artists for Conservation in 2013 and will continue to develop works for the purpose of education & passion creation around environmental issues."

Her work is a conscious attempt to embody an empathic and keen understanding of the fragility and diversity of life. "I explore two distinct & often divergent notions of this fragility & diversity, one being our natural environment & the other mental health.  My work exploring the natural environment has a focus on the biodiversity surrounding my studio-gallery being the region surrounding Mt Warning, a World Heritage area.

I have continued to expand this work via personal research, experience on the committee of Caldera Art, & membership with conservation groups. This has lead to the creation of works exploring unique bird species, fungi & flora of this region.I was fortunate to be awarded the Caldera Art Fellowship 2011/12 which has enabled me to do more in-depth research & create a small body of work in 2012 into my chosen subjects of monoculture, in traditional & organic application and a rural residential bird study.

My work exploring mental health stems from my own journey to recovery through the visual arts from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My glass practice came about as a form of self therapy having experienced a prolonged trauma resulting in Complex PTSD.

I develop works exploring the creation of beauty from shattered parts which is a metaphor & reflective of my own life & many others who have suffered major trauma resulting in the injury of PTSD, thereby providing a platform for discussion & hopefully a feeling of inclusion in what is an endemic but often isolating injury. As an arm to this work I became Founder & Project Coordinator of the annual Artfelt Art Prize & Exhibition raising much needed funds for Heartfelt House, an organization providing support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I am a member of the Northern Rivers Arts, Health & Wellbeing Inc. and have recently been honoured to be invited to offer a presentation at the Arts Activated National Conference in Oct 2012 and the National Rural Health Alliance Conference in 2013 advocating on behalf of Artists suffering Complex PTSD  I hope to continue to explore & develop both themes of my work & have more recently imagined a convergence in time."

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