Corinne Dupeyrat

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for May, 2013

Last year, as Vice President and artist of ARANIMA (, she participated in organizing an international exhibition at the famous Hip Gallery in Paris. Twenty percent of the sale profits went to the Born Free Foundation and GovlinKhulan. This exhibit was an incredible success and other projects are planned.

She has also participated in the SILVA project, an association to which I have donated several works of art to benefit their fund for the protection of horses in Skyros, Greece (

Corinne graduated from the High School of Architectural Arts and Techniques in interior design (1992), graduated from the High School of Graphics Arts (Atelier Met de Penninghen) in interior design (1994) and obtained Certification by the Professional Qualification of Interior Architects (1997). Doing interior designer for 8 years, Corinne used colour pencil drawing techniques to present her projects. She created her first animal portraits in 1998 and then she decided to concentrate exclusively on this at the end of 2002. Since then, she has completed many animal portrait commissions. Interior design developed in the artist a taste for precision and detail, essential qualities to obtain this life-like realism that characterises her drawings.

"I draw animals with a desire to meet a need for escape that is in us. I hope for the spectator to be able to find the "animal" that is in him, -the animal being the creative inspiration that is in each of us-, the spirit of life. Before starting a drawing, I let myself go blank, and I "connect" myself with the subject: its spirit, its experience, and the symbol it represents. And I idealize it in order to reveal its own essence and to pay tribute to it. I "capture" its living energy in order to free it on the paper and to show it to the spectator.

I not only hold a pencil in my fingertips; I caress an animal. I feel the texture of its hairs, the smoothness, the silkiness...
It's abstract work in the beginning, which gradually transforms itself into hyperrealism. I don't draw an eye or an ear, but spots or areas of colors.

The pencil is a special medium, because a line cannot be totally erased: a mark or traces of pigments always remain on the paper. One must perfectly analyze and select the colors to use beforehand, because the mixture is made until there is saturation through superimposition: I obtain the shades through transparency directly on the paper. It's a sort of illusion: the spectator lets himself be led into another universe and sees only the animal as I've revealed it to him; he forgets the material on which I've attached it. He in turn can see it and feel it as if it were there, alive! "

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