Stephen Quinn

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2011

Stephen Quinn sees his work as an artist, and the work of every wildlife artist, as a means to reconnect us to nature and the myriad creatures that share the planet with us. His art serves as a portal to transport us to a larger world of living things that we have a critical responsibility and accountability for.


After having the great privilege of a long and fulfilling art career with the American Museum of Natural History, contributing to exhibitions that focus on science, the environment, conservation, and cultural understanding, Quinn now is dedicating his energy to his personal passion - creating art to evoke care and concern, as well as inspire action, for the protection of threatened wildlife and ecosystems worldwide while raising funds for its support through proceeds from the sale of his work.


Stephen was a recipient of an AFC Flag expedition fellowship that saw him travel to the Africa following in the footsteps of the great American artist and collector Charles Aikley.  He is currently working on an AFC field trip (for members in the NY metro area) to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Associate Curator Kevin Avery who is willing to guide the group on a tour that will feature American art and it's role in evoking nature, nurturing it's appreciation and advocating it's conservation over the years.


More recently Steve and his wife, Linda, purchased the house next door to them in Ridgefield Park in New Jersey then promptly  tore it down to create a nature sanctuary on the lot. They will dig a tiny pond, add a mini-bog, plant native bushes, and turn the 40-foot-by-100-foot property into a miniature wildlife sanctuary. They will welcome local school groups to tour the garden, educating a generation about the backyard wildlife around them — wildlife that survives even in this most densely populated part of the country. The Quinns are part of a quiet, invisible movement of homeowners across the country who take steps to ensure their yard is more than a patch of green — that their little piece of nature serves as a vital oasis for wildlife amid the sprawling asphalt of suburbia. The Quinns may be among the extreme wing of environmental-minded homeowners, but their project has drawn praise from neighbors and local politicians.


Quinn feels the current popularity of wildlife art reflects our own species' fascination with and longing for the wild, and the profound realization that, as living creatures, we all share far more similarities than differences. He tries to capture his own sense of wonder in his work with the hope of sharing his vision of its beauty and splendor with others. To this end, Quinn spends endless amounts of time outdoors observing and sketching directly from his subjects, so as to capture, directly, the emotional experience of an encounter. Quinn hopes, through his work, to nurture meaningful relationships with nature in others who view it and to use the proceeds from its sale to support worthy wildlife conservation causes.


Naturalist and artist Steve joined the staff of the American Museum of Natural History in 1974, after graduating from the Ridgewood School of Art and Design, and apprenticed under such diorama-art masters as Raymond deLucia, Robert Kane, and David J. Schwendeman.


He has been a member of the Society of Animal Artists since 1978 and a member of Artists for Conservation since its founding.

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